Friday, December 24, 2010

Freaky Friday: Nativity Edition

Okay, let me say right up front, I don't even begin to understand some of the stuff they sell at the dollar store.

Take, for example, this charming little porcelain nativity scene.

Cute, right? But wait - what's that little bow in the front? Are you supposed to open it?

Why, yes; yes you are. It's a nativity that doubles as ... a trinket box? A used gum holder? A place to stash your coke?

The possibilities are endless.

Let's take a closer look at the baby Jesus, shall we?

"What child is this", indeed. What the hell? Is that ... is that blood on his little cradle?

Oh, great. Now all I can think about is that old movie It's Alive. Thanks, Dollar Store!

May visions of cheesy seventies horror films dance in your head.

Merry Christmas, everybody!


Rob said...

My God! The unspeakable horror that is ... Dollar Store Baby Jesus!!

Merry Christmas to you too!!

the queen said...

I'm more concerned that Baby Jesus is wearing an eyepatch.

rockygrace said...

It's Pirate Jesus! Avast, ye maties! Peace on aaaarrrrrrrrth!