Friday, April 24, 2015

To pill a cat

So!  In preparation for his upcoming dental surgery, the vet put Tinks on antibiotics. 

Antibiotic capsules.

As I have probably said here before, Tinks is not a very ... handle-able cat.  While I love him dearly, the combination of his Siamese quirkiness, his Maine Coon strength, and his feral beginnings make for a cat that does exactly what he wants to, and nothing more.  Getting him into a carrier for a trip to the vet's is an experience.  I actually had to cancel one appointment this week and reschedule because Tinks would not cooperate and I didn't feel like losing an arm.  Pilling him?  Well ...

While I am very good at pilling cats thanks to years of unfortunate experience, and have a patented (not really) method for getting pills down the throats of uncooperative cats, I knew that Tinks was going to be a problem.  For one thing, I knew that once the first couple of pillings went down, he would just start avoiding me. That has been a recurrent problem with all of my cats.

Nothing says rejection like having a cat flee from a room in terror when you enter it.

"They're capsules!" the vet said.  "Just break them apart and sprinkle the insides on his food!"


The problem with THAT is, the medicine is nasty-flavored.  Making anything it is mixed into similarly nasty-flavored.  Take a cat who is not really food-motivated to begin with, like Tinks, and mixing the meds into food is not gonna work.  The ONLY food that Tinks will beg for, in fact, besides deli ham and chicken (which the medicine sprinkles will not stick to), is

wait a minute.

Tuna.  Tinks LOVES tuna juice.  That stuff that comes out of the can when you drain it to make a sandwich.  And tuna is nothing if not strong-flavored.  Maybe ... if I mixed the meds with some tuna juice ...


Now when it's dinner time, I just get everybody's food bowls ready, mix up a separate wee bowl of tuna and meds, and give that to Tinks first, before his regular food.  He BEGS for it.  He BEGS for his meds.

All these years, and I've finally discovered an absolute, sure-fire, easy-peasy way to give a cat his meds.

Thank you, tuna!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A little misunderstanding

I have a confession to make:  A couple of times, over the past few months, when I heard something about Loretta Lynch's nomination for Attorney General, I thought,

"Wait a minute ... Loretta Lynn is going to be Attorney General?  Really?!"

hahahaha yeah I'm obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed.  At least I own up to it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


- Why is it that every single time I get my car back from the shop, everything, included the seat, the mirrors, and the steering wheel angle, has been CHANGED?  Dude had to drive it thirty feet from the parking lot to the garage, not thirty miles.  Jeez.

- So as you may or may not know, I am a HUGE fan of the Duggar show, i.e., Nineteen Kids and Totally Insane.  Yes, I know they belong to a weird religious cult (Quiverfull Movement), and blah blah blah, but that show is so damn RELAXING.  Nothing much ever happens, and nobody yells at anybody, and nobody learns anything, and it's just about PERFECT.  Except last night, there was an episode where one of the daughters who just got married (I can't tell them apart) and her new husband went on a European honeymoon, and it became painfully obvious as the episode wore on that they're pretty ... dumb.  Oh, they're both amiable enough, but really ... to freak out over escargot?  In this day and age?  Errrr ... I don't think homeschooling has served them right, frankly.  (UPDATED TO ADD:  I just read online that the happy couple is 22 and 19.  That explains a lot:  I, too, was dumb as a box of rocks at that age.  I forgot that Duggars marry young.)

- But!  I did not get to watch the entire episode, because there was more Rescue! Drama! happening on Facebook, so I was busy getting my snark on from the sidelines, which is the best way to enjoy Rescue! Drama!.  In my opinion.

- and Oh!  In other tacky reality TV news, is anybody else watching Married at First Sight on A&E?  Oh my GOD I love that show.  I really need to get a Tivo, because last night a new episode of that went up against a new episode of the Duggars, and I was TORN.  TORN.  Of course, in the end, I didn't get to watch much of either thanks to Rescue!  Drama!, so it's a good thing that both A&E and TLC will rerun the episodes approximately nine billion times.  Whew.

- Today is Administrative Professionals' Day.  I am an administrative professional.  The chances of anyone in my office acknowledging this in any way are zero.  Screw it, I'm taking MYSELF out to lunch.
- The daffodils are up!  And the hyacinths!  The lilacs are leafing out!  And it's supposed to snow tonight.  *sob*

And of course, there continues to be plenty of THIS going on:

 They'll be four weeks old tomorrow.  Where DOES the time go?!

Monday, April 20, 2015

I go out walkin'

So!  I got bit by a tick this weekend, and when I went to pull him off he put up a fight and took some of my skin with him, which, OUCH!  Stupid ticks.

But!  I got lots of walking in, both days.  I love this time of year - not too hot, not too cold, and no annoying BUGS - well, other than the ticks.  Damn ticks.

Frozen waterfall.  GIVE UP, WINTER.  YOU'RE DRUNK.

This hill was STEEP!:

File that in the "why yes, yes, I *am* a wimp" department.

Turkey feathers shine iridescent in the sunlight:

Skunk cabbage and trout lilies poking up out of the ground:

This tree broke off way up high and then got stuck on the way down:

Penny rock!

Yesterday, I was out in the middle of nowhere, hiking, hiking, hiking, when all of a sudden:

Hello, chair!  Somebody hauled that sucker a LONG way out into the woods.

Upended tree:

Frog eggs:

Coltsfoot (feet?) always look cheery.

Two days, two great hikes.  Other than the tick, that is.  Lousy ticks.

Friday, April 17, 2015


Yep, it's pretty much all kittens, all the time around here right now.  They are three weeks old, and the more time I can spend with them, the better - the process is called "socialization", and it's critical to their development - a friendly kitten is much more likely to be adopted than one who is spitting and hissing, and is more likely to be happy to spend its life in the company of people.  And since their mama, Honey, IS prone to both hissing AND biting (oh yay), I need to make sure that the kittens are very, VERY used to being handled by people.

This crew is doing great - they will lurch toward me out of the nest box when they see me in the room, and scrabble up onto my lap. 

They have also started to play with each other, quintupling the Cute Factor.

Kitten Central, right here. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Good news and bad news

Tinks and Sodapop had to go to the vet for their yearly checkups yesterday.  The good news is that I was able to crate both of them; Sodapop is always easy but Tinks can be a challenge.  He is big and strong and not afraid to use any means necessary to avoid being put in a carrier, but by using a bathtowel and an element of surprise I was able to get him in the carrier.  Score!

They were going to a new vet.  I never really cared for the vet I had been taking them to.  She just didn't seem all that ... invested in the animals under her care.  Plus, she had a history of complaining about her job (and her clients!) on Facebook, which, NOT COOL, and combine that with the fact that I just found out she is not averse to declawing for trivial and non-medical reasons, and, well, see ya.  Taking the cats to her was HUGELY convenient because she worked the walk-in on weekends, but the last couple of times the wait was well over an hour, and, yeah, no.

So!  I took Tinks and Sodapop to the vet I had previously used for The Runt and Little Girl.  She doesn't have the convenient office hours of the old vet, but she is thorough as SH*T and is willing to talk over options at length.

Sodapop was a charmer, as always,  Just laid on his back on the exam table waiting for belly rubs.  All is well.  Good news!

Tinks?  Tinks has bad teeth.  He has had bad teeth ever since he was a kitten - evidently it's a genetic thing with some cats.  The teeth are getting worse, and now, at the tender age of three, Tinks is going to need some dental surgery coming up in May.  Bad news, but the good news is that he will feel much better afterward.  He will be on antibiotics for the next couple of weeks, which, pilling Tinks?  BAD NEWS. 

I had to take the car to the dealership this morning, because the instrument cluster has failed AGAIN.  This is the third instrument cluster to go bad in three years; I'm thinking Hyundai has a little problem, here.  BUT, the car is under warranty, so, good news!  Plus, it's still got two more years under warranty, so all is well.  But I do hope that eventually they will install an instrument cluster that actually works for more than a year.

Oh, and today is April 15, which, bad, BAD news.  My boss always, ALWAYS waits until the last day to even START preparing his taxes.  I ran all of the business-related numbers he needs back in FEBRUARY, but do you think he's even LOOKED at those spreadsheets yet?  NOOOooooOOOOO.  Which means that all day today he will be barking at me for numbers (because no matter how clearly I set up the spreadsheets, he seems incapable of pulling numbers from them) and bitching about taxes.  *sigh*  Bad news.

Let's see ... I need to end with some good news ... here!

Wee little kittens.  Good news!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

And a lesser Beatle, at that

A company for which our firm provides consulting services has an employee named Ringo.


I just ... who would think it's a good idea to name your kid Ringo?

It's one of those names that is just ... taken.  Like, REALLY taken. 

I mean, not in a bad connotation, really; it's not like they named him Adolph.  But Ringo wasn't (isn't?) even that good of a musician, for Pete's sake.  And this guy is in his thirties, tops, so it's not like it was coincidental.  And no, it's not a nickname - it's his given name.

Why would you name your kid Ringo?

Enquiring minds want to know.