Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Salt Springs, baybee

Okay, first off:  Trigger alert.  This post contains a photo of a .... snaaaaaaaaaaaake!

It keels me how people get all funky over snake pics.  And certain words.  Someday I'm gonna do a "trigger post" and it's going to be 100% pics of snakes and spiders and clowns, interspersed with words like "panties" and "tinfoil" and "damp".

Did I just run everybody off?  OOPS.

So!  Back to the regularly scheduled post.

Sunday, I went to Salt Springs.  It was a little bit warmer than on Saturday, which made for a nice walk.  A strenuous walk, actually, which I can now feel in my legs, two days later.  Am old.

The park is full of farmers' stone walls:

The Fern Forest is still mostly brown.  A month from now, it'll be crazy-green and beautiful - I'll have to remember to go back and take an "after" pic:

At least the skunk cabbage is green:

I have no idea why they call it skunk cabbage.  It doesn't smell skunky - not even when you crush the leaves.  Maybe skunks like to eat it?  I dunno.

Look!  Flowers:

Yeah, I know that pic is blurry.  But I had to take a picture of the first flowers of spring!

And I felt like belting out THE HILLS ARE ALIIIIIIIVE and spinning around in circles when I got to this field:

Well, no, they're not alive right NOW, but give it a month ... That's spring around here.  The promise of what will be, if we can just display a little patience, for Pete's sake.  Sheesh.

Look!  A snaaaaaaake!

Here is where I presume a bird met its demise.  Can you spot the feathers?:

There's still ice on the walls of the gorge:

But the falls are flowing:

And warm weather is just around the corner. I hope.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Note to Ginny

Google "Master Hare by Joshua Reynolds".

The girl is a boy!

Saturday, in the park

Saturday I went up to Greenwood.  The sun was warm, but the wind was cold, but at least it wasn't snowing, so all was good.

I had the place practically to myself.  The trees are juuuuuust starting to leaf out.  They take their sweet time in this neck of the woods - we won't have really green hillsides for another month.  Here's a shot looking at the beach/picnic area of the park - empty of people:

Here is a bog that the beavers dammed up.  You can see the dam, right up front:

They decided to double-team this tree:

Look! Frog eggs!:

Can you spot the salamanders in this pic?:

SOMEbody forgot their sneakers:

It was actually kind of ominous, seeing those sneakers by the shore.   But they weren't dragging the lake with sheriff's boats or anything, so I'm assuming ... somebody just got ... tired of their sneakers?  Yeah, I got nothin'.  The Mystery of the Sneakers.

At least the moss is nice and green:

Many years ago, the former owners of the land planted pine trees.  Lots and lots and LOTS of pine trees, which continue to reach for the sky.

Pretty pines.  Pretty day.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

One more Butter update ...

... in honor of Easter and new beginnings and all.

Here is an email we got from Butter's new family:

"I've been meaning to e-mail you for a week now. Butter is doing well. It took him about a week before he would walk freely through the house. But he is much more comfortable now.

His personality is sooo great! We love having a cat that wants our attention, and he does! It doesn't matter if I'm feeding the baby, reading a book or sitting at my computer, if I'm down he is in my lap.

We do appreciate all you do and did for us (and Butter). He is great fit for our family."

Butter is risen.  Hallelujah!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Freaky Friday: Garage Art

Yes, it's the return of Freaky Friday!   The occasional series where I take pics of the weird sh*t around my house and show it to you!  I haven't done it for a while, mainly because I kept forgetting to take more pics, but also because when you live with this stuff every day, it starts looking normal to you. 

But!  Let's do some Freaky, shall we?  Here is some of the "art" that I have hanging in my garage, because when you run out of space in the house, it's the next obvious choice.

 I picked up this painting (actually, two:  I bought this piece and another, similar one) at the Thrifty Shopper a while back.  I really like it; it reminds me of the Highwaymen painters of Florida.

p.s.  Ignore the lovely fiberglass insulation walls.  I do plan on finishing the garage, someday.  Maybe.  When hell freezes over, actually, because WHO CARES WHAT THE GARAGE WALLS LOOK LIKE?  Slap some art up and call it good.


I am sure this next one is a reproduction of a famous painting; I just don't know which one.  Anyone care to inform me?  Anyway, I bought it because I liked the over-the-top frame:

And here is a lovely mermaid I picked up in the junk bin at the Sal.  She hangs over the washer and dryer.

So there you go.  The garage gallery.  Happy Freaky Friday!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

They're ready for their close-ups

Sunday afternoon, I was trying to get a pic of the beauty mark under Callie's chin.  There was a fly on the ceiling catching her attention, so it seemed like the perfect time.

Isn't that a funny little mark on her chin?  It looks like somebody jostled her hand when she was putting on her eyeliner or something.

 Bindi spotted the fly, too:

Get that fly, guys!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Ballad of Butter: The Next Verse

So!  Butter was making great strides in foster care.  He decided that maybe the whole "housecat" gig wasn't so bad, after all.  The rescue decided to start calling people who were wait-listed for an orange cat, and the very first family who came to see him?

Met him and fell in love.  They looked past the frostbit ears, the ratty fur, and the faint-but-still-lingering mancat odor, and saw the loving mushball I came to know.

Butter went to a home on five acres in the sticks.  He's now a preacher's kid!  A baptist minister, his wife, and their five children will be Butter's new companions, along with a bassett hound and a nine-year-old female cat - Butter does love the ladies.

From beat-up street stray to beloved family member - Good boy, Butter!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's a better man than me who can resist the fifty-percent-off sale at the Thrifty Shopper

Yeah, whenever I get the email notification, I basically have to go.  The Thrifty Shopper is a better class of thrift store, don't ya know.

I wasn't able to get there until Day Two, but I was still able to score some cool stuff.

I LOVE this dress:

It's just so ... odd.  Like me.  Ha.

And yes, I hung my clothes off the scrubby brushes out back for these photos.  Doesn't everybody?  Believe it or not, those are lilac trees.  A month from now, they'll be gorgeous.  Right now?  Bare branches with buds.  Post-winter around here looks like post-apocalypse.  It'll green up.

I also picked up this skirt:

I had to have the skirt.  It has fierce tigers on it!

This shirt is Alfred Dunner, which, shhhhh, don't rat me out,  because ninety-nine percent of what Alfred Dunner puts out are abominations on the Grandma-level, but I thought this particular shirt was cute:

That's where I'd like to be right now.  On a patio overlooking the ocean.  Someplace warm and sunny.

A look into my closet, and my dressers, and the spare room closet, and the spare room dresser (I KNOW) has led me to conclude, a little late to the game,  that I now have all the clothes I will ever need and thus no longer need to buy any more. 

Until the next Thrifty Shopper sale, anyway.