Monday, February 27, 2017


First off:  An update on Tippy:  As of Saturday, she was still at the vet's.  She had started to eat a little, but she still had really bad diarrhea.  The vet now thinks it may be a disease called Tritrichomonas.  Tippy will remain at the vet's until they get her back on track. Send kind thoughts her way!

And now, meet the new girl!

This is Alex the Girl.  She came in with the name Alex, but that's a little confusing for a girl cat, so I'm calling her Alex the Girl.  She and another cat, a beautiful gray boy named Jordan, were dumped on the street when their owner moved.  A neighbor took them in and called the rescue.  They came in to the adoption center on January 28, but it recently became apparent that Alex the Girl is expecting.  People were talking!  :)   So she's come to Rocky's Home for Unwed Mothers to await the blessed event.

Try not to stress out too much, Alex the Girl:

I'm not sure what you would call her coat color - Tabby/tortie?  She does have a little bit of white on her chin.  Anybody know what this coloration is called?

She's a talker, and very good natured.  She's been spending a lot of time looking out the windows.

Make yourself at home, Alex the Girl!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Here we go again

Yep, on Wednesday night, it was time for another barn cat rodeo!

We couldn't fit the horse in my car, so he got to stay behind. :)

We ended up taking three females and two males.  One of the females had already been spayed (dammit! - but at least now she's ear-tipped), but the other two females and the two males were altered.

Best-guess estimate is that we have 16 more to go.  Next trapping date is March 23, although I am currently in negotiations to get some slots between now and then.  Onward!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sunday, in between syringe feedings*, I got out into the neighborhood for a bit.  It was a beautiful day, in the fifties, and it felt great to be outside without being all bundled up.

 *Update on Tippy:  She is still at the vet, and still not eating voluntarily.  They are working diligently to try and determine what's going on.  I'll keep you posted.

Can you spot the drone in the photo above?  Here's something weird - when I saw the drone overhead, I took off my hat and waved it, like, "Hey!  Look at me! Down here!"  The drone then circled around to me to get a better look!  That was ... a little spooky, actually, but at least it didn't follow me home.  THAT I KNOW OF.  haha!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Just a little bite? Please?

Saturday morning, I cleaned at the adoption center.  There was a young cat there who was not doing well at all - she had severe diarrhea and was refusing to eat.  She had come into the rescue as an owner-surrender a week ago, and suddenly started going downhill.  This stuff always, ALWAYS happens on the weekend, when the regular vet's office is closed.

SO, I brought her home with me to see if she would improve with a little personalized care. 

Meet Tippy, the cat with the world's loudest PURR:

Here, Tippy, have some yummy food!:

(that stuff in the middle is pate cat food mixed with cat milk and forti-flora.  The stuff on the right is chunky fish broth. The grosser-looking and stinkier the food, the better the cats like it, as a rule.)  Not pictured:  several large bowls of water.

Tippy was NOT HAVING IT:

Here, girl, let me move some closer to you:


Well, with the amount of stuff she had coming out of ONE end of her, I had to make sure that stuff was going in the other end.  It was time to bring out the big guns:

Yep, syringe feeding.  Complete with record-keeping:

(Yeah, that photo's REALLY out of focus. It was late and I was tired, what can I say?)

Despite syringe-feeding (and watering) her every couple of hours, by yesterday afternoon, she still wasn't eating on her own and she was dehydrated by the diarrhea. So the rescue called the vet, who despite having the day off, agreed to meet me at the vet offices last night to see what was going on.  Tippy was examined and put on sub-q fluids, and she spent the night there and will be re-examined with further testing this morning to determine what the problem is.

Hang in there, Miss Tippy!  And for the love of God, EAT something, PLEASE!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Bam Bam update!

Remember Bam Bam, my heart murmur foster?  He was adopted by a rescue center volunteer who specializes in special-needs animals.  She took him to Cornell for an echocardiogram/ultrasound last week.  The decision to have further testing done was not made lightly;  cats have to be anesthetized for the procedure and that in itself can be dangerous for heart murmur cats, and sometimes the tests reveal damage so extensive that there is not a lot that can be done for the animal, even with medication, and then you have to live with the knowledge that you've got a ticking time bomb for a pet.  (Been there/done that, and it is NOT easy.)  Bammer's adopter made the decision to go ahead with the testing, a decision which I fully supported, and guess what?

It turns out he may not be so special-needs after all!  She reports:

"I just wanted to let you know what I found out at Bam Bam's appointment. He has a hole in his heart between the right and left ventricle that causes his heart murmur. This is allowing blood to flow directly from one side to the other instead of having to go through the whole heart system. She said that he will live a perfectly normal life! She said she wants to recheck him in a year just to see if the hole gets bigger, but other than that he is a healthy, happy kitty!  The vet even said that it is the best news she's given in a long time."

Yaaaaaaay!  Go ON with your bad self, little Bam!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The state of the allergies

I started on my allergy injections right after the first of the year.  I knew it was going to take a few months to see any real improvement, but when I was still coughing my head off a few weeks in, I begged for mercy, and they gave me steroids, which worked like magic.  No more coughing!

And the thing that was most amazing to me was how much more ENERGY I had.  Turns out that spending half of every night awake bc coughing tends to be draining!  Who'd a thunk it?  I've been off the steroids for a couple of weeks now, and while I do have the occasional coughing spell, it's only a few times a day now instead of a bunch.  AND now I know that if the coughing worsens, I can always go on the Prednisone again, so THAT's a relief.

There was one little complication with the injections - my clothes.  See, they give you the shots in your upper arms, and I kept forgetting and wearing long-sleeved sweaters or tops on shot day, and it was a pain in the a** to try and get those sleeves rolled up high enough for the needles.  So now I keep a "shot shirt" at work - a plain black short-sleeved t-shirt.  If I forget and wear something long-sleeved to work, before I head over to my allergist's for my shots, I just change into the shot shirt and I'm good to go.

I'll have to have once-weekly double injections for another few months as they ramp up the dose, and then they'll start lengthening the time between injections.  From what I understand, how long I'll have to have the injections depends on how well I respond, so we'll just have to wait and see.

It's okay.  I don't mind.  I'll be the one over here, not coughing.

Monday, February 13, 2017

No hard feelings, right, guys?

On Saturday, I headed up to the barn cat farm.  I needed to pick up a couple of carriers, plus I wanted to work on some traps that had malfunctioned Wednesday night.  Oh, and I stopped by the house where the guy who pushed me up the hill lives and dropped off some cupcakes as thanks.  No one was home, so I left them on the porch with a note.  I was discussing him with the farm owner, and in the "it's a really, really, REALLY small world" category, it turns out that he's the father of one of the young women I clean with at the adoption center!

I also brought along some catnip toys, so the cats would know that I wasn't ALL bad:

This guy was GETTIN' it:

These guys, however, weren't falling for it:


Pretty pose:

Big guy:

This girl has already been spayed, but EVERY TIME we bait traps, she's first in line to be caught.  On Wednesday night, I had to literally SHAKE her out of one of the traps, she was so determined to get that mackerel.  And on Saturday, as soon as the traps came out, she was right there:

All traps are now functioning as designed:

And I had to take more pictures of this lovely girl:

She sure is a beauty.