Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekend Warriors

On Saturday,  Ten Lives did a SNAP run, where we take a bunch of local cats-in-need to a low-cost spay/neuter program in Cortland.

Getting up at dark o'clock, I left the house at 6:30, picked up another volunteer, and headed for the pre-arranged pickup spot for the cats.  Car before:

Car after:

The woman who runs the group looked a little dismayed when I got there.  "You told me you had a station wagon!," she said.  "I *do* have a station wagon!," I replied.  Don't insult my little Hyundai!  and hey, if I can cram a kayak in there, I can fit a bunch of carriers.  Sure enough, we fit all eleven in with no problem, and we could have fit more if needed. 

Early morning volunteers:

This little beauty is Cat #600! to be assisted by spaying/neutering through Ten Lives.  (Don't worry, we straightened out her carrier before we left.):

This place may not look like much, but they sure do amazing things:

Doing intake on the cats prior to surgeries:

... AND the obligatory breakfast stop after our work was done:

The cats undergo surgery in the morning and recover in the afternoon.  We were back home and ready to continue our days by ten a.m.  A great morning's work!  Other Ten Lives volunteers went up Saturday night to pick up the cats and get them back to their families.

With so much negative stuff going on in the world (AND ON FACEBOOK *cough*) right now, it sure felt good to do something positive.  Six female cats and five male cats ended their endless cycles of reproduction on Saturday, all thanks to Ten Lives and CNY SNAP.  And I've been put on the "official driver" list, so I'll get to do a SNAP run once a month now.  It's the best job I ever worked for free!  Ha.

Friday, September 23, 2016

As! Seen! On! TV!


I think these things were originally price-pointed at $49.99 on TV.  Then chains started carrying them for $39.99, and I allllllllmost bought some last winter, but I thought $39.99 was a little pricey for Christmas lights, and who knew if they'd even work, or look as pretty as they did on TV?  But then it was Ollie's to the rescue.  And let me say, if you do not have an Ollie's Outlet near you, I feel for ya.  It's like a low-rent K-Mart (or like the long-gone, long-lamented Philly Sales, for any local readers), and it's FABULOUS.  Most of the stuff is cheap crap, but when they get a deal in, they get a HELLUVA deal.

So!  The lights?  At Ollies?  Were $19.99.  But would they work?

I snapped up a box and waited for dark.   Ha.  I was afraid that because they were a knock-off from the original product, which is called a "Star Shower" (WHY DO I KNOW ALL THIS STUFF?!), they might be lame, but I can tell you right now they look AMAZING.  So pretty.  Now I'm thinking of going back and picking up another box,  to light up the BACK of the house this Christmas, because why not?

So!  Sparkle laser lights.  A++ would recommend.  I'm thinking these are going up the day after Thanksgiving this year.  Just to piss off the neighbors.  :)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Oh, Facebook *sigh*

You know,  I never realized that some people I know are racist until Facebook came along.

and then ... wow.  Of course, I found out that my boss was racist when he spewed some really offensive shit within my earshot.  But I found out that one of my SISTERS was racist through Facebook (she's been blocked), and I've since found out that several acquaintances, if not overtly racist, are racist-adjacent, thanks to stuff they or their Facebook friends have posted.

Just yesterday, this showed up on my Facebook feed, posted by a "friend":

I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon trying to explain why this a good chunk of this is incorrect, starting with the fact that the statistics are misrepresented.  More white people are killed by cops because there are more white people, PERIOD; black people are disproportionately killed by police; this is indeed, at least partially, a "race problem".  And every time I'd link to another fact discrediting another element of the post, "friends" of my "friend" would just jump in with yet more bullshit, which I would then research to disprove (and I will tell you what, about TWO SECONDS of googling was able to disprove the crap that was being presented as "facts").  It was EXHAUSTING.  But the idea that it was the MEDIA somehow causing the problem of renegade cops shooting unarmed civilians who are complying with their orders?  yeah, no, THAT'S NOT WHAT'S HAPPENING HERE, people.  And of COURSE there are situations where force is justified and necessary and blah blah blah, but I'm sorry, when you start spewing about an "entitled welfare state breeding thugs", oh, we are gonna tangle.

And I'm tired. I'm tired of having to threaten to quit my job to get my boss to quit spewing offensive crap.  I'm tired of mixing it up with people on Facebook when they spout bullshit (oh yes I do! I will not let racist bullshit slide), and then blocking them when they won't stop.  I'm tired of finding out that people who I thought were kinda interesting and maybe worth spending some time with are, in fact, not.

But I'm not nearly as tired of that as I am sure that some black people are tired of getting shot by cops because they're black.

sorry, I'm pretty sure that made no sense grammatically,  but I hope you can see what I'm trying to say.  There are any number of places on line where the point I'm trying to make is being expressed much more eloquently.

So I'll keep fighting, keep speaking up in my little sphere of influence, whether or not it makes any difference.  (and believe me, I know that little old me is not likely to change anybody's mind, or even make them THINK before they blurt out a bunch of crap.)  Because it's the right thing to do.  And I'm tired.  Having the courage of one's convictions is easy when you hang out with people who think as you do.  But when racism comes knocking at my door?  I can't just ignore it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Questionable Taste

At the adoption event last weekend, I was given a rescue t-shirt and declared an "official" volunteer.

The t-shirt?

Um ... yeah.

(The rescue had previously focused on dogs; they have only expanded to include cats recently due to overwhelming need in this area.)

I'm ... pretty sure this will be worn at events only.  Ha.

Monday, September 19, 2016

I'm your ice cream man, stop me when I'm passing by ... (oh my my)

So!  After spending the day Saturday at an adoption event, yesterday it was time to put together the ice cream truck.

First to open the box:

Hmm ... doesn't look TOO complicated:

Easy-to-follow instructions:

Ta-Da!  I had brought Pistol Pete out to the living room to supervise (and because he was driving his Mama Rosalita CRAZY), and when he saw Lord Tinks he floofed up rather dramatically:

In the Foster Room:

Hey Laydee, you want some ice cream?: 

So yes, the ice cream truck is a big hit!  I'll probably rotate it in and out of the room, like I do with most of their toys, so it stays interesting to them.  I paid WAY more for it than I would normally pay for something made of cardboard, but it's so darn cute, I regret nothing.  Ha.

I got good lemonade, ah, dixie cups ...

(sorry, couldn't resist throwing a little Van Halen in there.)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Because what's the POINT if you can't buy them lots of toys?!

When I saw this on MessyNessyChic the other day:

 It took me about .02 seconds to whip out a credit card.  

and now it's here!  it's here!

All I have to do is put it together (sob) and the fun can begin!  I sure hope the Foster Campers enjoy this thing as much as *I'm* going to.  Ha.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


One of the foster kittens, Bam Bam, has had some upper respiratory stuff going on for a few weeks.   He wasn't responding to the standard meds, so yesterday I took him to the vet the rescue uses, so that he could get a check-up.  The vet gave him some different meds for his stuffy nose, and that should clear up with no problem, but during the course of the exam she discovered something more disconcerting.

Bam Bam has a heart murmur.  A fairly significant one.

Getting diagnosed with a heart murmur would cause some rescues to euthanize, due to the uncertain future of the kitten.  Heck, some rescues euthanize for such minor problems as ringworm.  However, I do not volunteer for a high-kill rescue, and thus, little Bammer is back home with his littermates,  his foster mamacat, and I.

The problem with heart murmurs for rescues is that while the treatment is manageable, cost-wise, the diagnostics needed in order to determine the scope of the problem are very expensive.  Getting an echocardiogram done on a cat does not come cheap; ASK ME HOW I KNOW.  *cough*  Also, heart murmur cats are more difficult to get adopted out, due to the fact that they are more expensive to own than a healthy cat because of the diagnostic tests that will need to be repeated during the life of the cat.  Also, many potential adopters shy away from cats seen as "unhealthy".  Of course we will be disclosing his condition to potential adopters; to do otherwise would be unethical.

But!  The rescue I volunteer for believes that if the animal has a reasonable chance at a good life, that opportunity must be given.  The rescue will be doing some more consulting with their veterinarian after the initial test results come in and will go from there.

This is part of rescue, and part of fostering.  The animals are not all healthy, and even the ones who appear healthy can come with some nasty medical surprises.  Not all the animals make it.

But Bam's murmur was caught at a young age, and there's no reason to think that he shouldn't have many good years yet to charm the pants off the people around him.  And we're going to give him that chance.

After all, SOMEbody's gotta keep an eye on those pesky backyard birds.