Monday, October 09, 2017

Where to start, where to start ...

Still here, guys.  Still struggling with the new job - I found out after I started that I was actually filling TWO positions.  Yeah.  So I'm just doing as much as I can every day, the supervisor seems to be happy with the amount that I am able to accomplish, and we'll see where it goes from here.  Eventually I'm going to get so far behind that they're going to have to either hire someone to fill the second position, or let me go and see if they can find someone who can work at superhuman speed, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Because of the job situation, I'm been dealing with some stress issues.  Last week my doctor tried starting me on Paxil, which made me CRAZY, so for now we're back to the Xanax, with a check-up in a few weeks.

I've been hiking, and kayaking

And I've been trapping for spay/neuter on the weekends as well.

The summer session of Foster Campers went to the adoption center, which led to the Fall session coming in two days later:

Here's their gorgeous, if EXTREMELY skittish, mama:

All of the permacats are doing fine, although I DID just see a mouse run out of my closet, meaning they need to step up their game.

I have had zero time to blog-hop, so I sure hope everyone is doing fine.  I love you, I miss you, and I'll try to post more often!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Too Long Gone

I know, guys, I KNOW.  I've just been going through some ... stuff, lately, and maintaining as best I can.  I'm starting to get a better handle on the new job, but mentally, I ain't been so hot, tbh.  I've got a doctor's appointment coming up, and hopefully things will be looking sunny again soon.

That said, things were looking EXTRA sunny today, all thanks to James P. Fitter (Ginny).

THANK YOU, Ginny.  Your thoughtfulness is truly, truly appreciated.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Still here!

Yes, I'm still alive and kicking.  I feel like I'm FINALLY starting to settle in to the new job, at least a little bit.   Whew!

Last night I trapped, so this morning I had to head out bright and early.  Look what was in my front yard when I woke up!

There were actually TWO bucks out there, moseying through, which is really unusual.  I see does a LOT, but bucks, not so much.

Then it was off to the barn to see what we'd trapped.

We trapped a total of eight cats.  Once I got them to the vet's, it turned out that one of them was ear-tipped, meaning it had already been altered.  I ran that one back to the barn to be released.  Sadly, it turned out that one of the other trapped cats had old injuries that were so severe it had to be humanely euthanized.  The other six cats were spayed and neutered and will spend the night at the vet's and then be returned tomorrow.

After my second trip to the barn, I went in to the rescue to do medications because they were short-handed today.  Then, I had to go grab foster Lucky Nicky from home and run HIM to the vet's for a second FIV test.  Negative!  Yay!

I got him back home, did vaccinations on four of the fosters, mowed the lawn, moved traps back into the shed, did some laundry, and now? I just ordered a pizza, because I am WHUPPED.

Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Week 3 and into Week 4

Guys!  I'm still alive!  Still dog-paddling and keeping my head above water.

And oh my God, the families of the clients tend to bring in baked goods as a thank-you.  Today I had the best blueberry coffeecake I have ever had in my LIFE.  Who needs the right-down-the-hall cafeteria?  haha.

Sorry, I'm still so busy.  Here, have a picture of the current crop of foster kittens:

We have kittens from four different litters represented right there.  It's a Foster Camp United Nations.

Oh!  and a week ago, the area was hit by flooding, and all the permacats, foster kittens, and I had to evacuate at 4 a.m.   Fun! 

Here we are at the local fire station:

I love you guys, I miss you guys, and SOMEDAY I will have this new job under control and will be able to come round to your blogs and see what everybody's up to. 

Please be patient! 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Week 2

whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA I haven't had to try and absorb this much information since I was cramming for my SATs back in high school.  haha.

This week was spent building on the information I learned LAST week, with new tasks added in each day.  While I still have a TON to learn, I feel now that the information is, at least, LEARNable, instead of just a tsunami of meaningless data constantly washing over me.  There were SO MANY times when I felt really uncertain, like I would NEVER pick up what was being putting down, but I'm getting there.  I just tell myself to keep plugging away, show up every day with a pleasant disposition, and keep asking questions when I don't understand stuff.

I ask a lot of questions.

I feel good, I feel like I'm progressing, and the woman doing most of my training has the patience of a saint. 

Now we'll just have to wait and see what Week 3 has to bring.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

First Week

Well.  The first week at the new job.  Between orientation, training, and starting at the office, it's quite overwhelming.  The amount of information I need to absorb is monumental, but I remember once upon a time when I didn't know how to do my OLD job, either, so it's just a matter of keeping my head down and plugging away.  The staff who are training me are very friendly and encouraging, which makes it a LOT easier. 

I'll get there!

Plus, our office is right down the hallway from the cafeteria, and the food is both good and cheap, so I predict it won't take me long to put all that weight I lost back on. :)

Last night, I trapped for the rescue at a local barn (the one from my July 3 post).

As sometimes happens when I'm trapping in a new place, we actually trapped two adults and a few kittens while we were in the process of setting other traps.  The kittens went with the founder of the rescue (pictured) to be socialized, and I put the adults in a quiet corner of the barn for transport in the morning.  This wee one went to the founder's house.

We were back bright and early this morning to check the traps - we caught a total of 9 cats and kittens overnight (not including the ones caught while we were at the barn), including a first for me - two cats in one trap:

Time to head for the vet's office - the adults for spays and neuters, and the kittens for vaccinations before heading to the founder's house for socialization.

At the vet's:

I was very excited when the vet said I could stay and observe (and take photos for the rescue's website and, well, for my blog, haha.)  I'd never seen a cat surgery before.  Now, these next few pics show surgery offices and surgery, so if you're squeamish, stop here.

Lots of paperwork:

And preparation:

The first cat is on the table and ready for her spay:

Here we go!:

And the actual moment of spay:

The vets and their staff were there all day long, performing the surgeries.  The kittens who were too young to be altered went home with the founder, and the adults will stay at the vet's office overnight before heading back to the barn in the morning.  We'll keep trapping every few weeks until we've got all the adults spayed and neutered.  We're on our way!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Oh, and here's one of the videos we watched during orientation today ...


First Day

Yep, today it was back to work for me.  Today was new employee orientation, which was like deja vu all over again, as I JUST went through it for that OTHER company, but what can I say? At least it was familiar - right down to both companies using the EXACT SAME VIDEO to show how much they care about their clients.  :)  Oh, and at least at THIS orientation, all of the Powerpoint presentations (ugggggh) were playing correctly, unlike at that OTHER place.


And it's not exactly comforting to be one of the oldest people in the room, but on the other hand, when one presenter said that the company received 43,000 job applications every year and hires only 1,000 people, well, that made me feel a little better.

But!  When you consider that the entire company only employs 6,100 people, and they're turning over 1,000 people a year, well ...

best not to think about that.  :)

Oh! But before I forget!  When I got home from work (!) tonight, there was a great surprise in my mailbox - a note from Kris that included a donation for the rescue.  Kris, I have a couple of different email addresses and a couple of different street addresses for you, so I wasn't sure I could get an email OR a thank you note to you, but I wanted to make sure this message gets to you:


I'm sorry about the loss of your friend's father.  And I thank you for your kind donation to the rescue for which I volunteer, it is much appreciated.

And now I'm running out of steam, and it's time for dinner, so I'll check back in soon! 

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Salt Springs

Well, it's back to the salt mines (and the regular paychecks, yaaaaaaay!) next week, so I've been cramming in a lot of summer this week.  Yesterday I cleaned at the rescue (Happy Fourth!  Here's a litter scoop!) and I'll be back there tomorrow, and Friday I'll be trapping, but today I was off to Salt Springs to enjoy the day.

Salt Springs has old-growth hemlocks - A lot of them are in the three-hundred-year-old range, and the oldest one discovered there was over 600 years old.