Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Choir and Last Chance Highway

In my summer quest to watch every reality show on every station, ever, I came across "The Choir" on BBC America. It's about this dude in England who goes into an inner-city school and forms a choir to compete at the World Choir Olympics or some such bullshit.

The second season has just started and I haven't watched any of it yet, but I watched the first season and it cracked me up, because here's this poor choir dude, working his butt off to take a group of rag-tag kids and make them into a credible choir, and they workworkworkworkworkwork and finally get to the World! Choir! Olympics! In! China! and they take the stage and

they pretty much suck.

Oh, I mean, it wasn't horrible, but they were really pretty bad, and they didn't even make it past the first round.

Here's your life lesson, kiddos: You can workworkworkworkwork and STILL suck at life. Hey, better they learn it sooner rather than later, right?

Moving on, I caught an episode or two of Last Chance Highway, which is supposedly about animal rescue, but it's basically where this woman drives around with her husband and grabs people's dogs off their front lawns.

And if they're, like, "Excuse me! That's my dog!" She's all, like, "Oh, this poor little doggy needs a good new home! Let me take him with me!" And they're, like, "Hell NO, crazy lady! That's my dog!"

So yeah, that's pretty entertaining.

Oh yeah, and am I the only one who thinks L.A. Ink is pretty much played out? Frankly, I don't really give a rat's ass if Corey stays or goes, and I'm getting tired of Kat pulling that woe-is-me attitude all the time. Cheer up or go home, honey.

Coming soon: I review the TV Guide station. What else can I do? I'm running out of reality shows.


Pickles and Dimes said...

You have to see Dee Snider's "Growing up Twisted" on A&E. It is seriously the funniest show on television. His two younger sons are hilarious, and the sketch Dee did with his middle son (who's an aspiring comedian) in which he plays Poseidon is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

rockygrace said...

Holy SHIT, Pickles, I just checked that out.

"How was your date?"

"She drowned."


Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Do you watch the survival shows? Man v. Wild? Survivorman (in reruns only now--boo)? Man, Woman, Wild? Dual Survival? Yeah, we watch all of those. It's getting to where we know how to survive better than the guys. I suppose that's a good thing if I ever find myself lost in the middle of a desert or arboreal forest (cuz that's gonna happen). Right now, we currently really like Dual Survival because the two guys on there are pretty funny.

And that's my rant about reality TV :-)

Badass Nature Girl said...

I agree with you on the LA Ink thing. It was all I could do to keep watching it last season with the whole "Liz" fiasco. Was she a plant? Was it staged? How could Kat let he get away with so much for so long? In quiring minds want to know.

I think his name should me Cry Baby least that's what I call him. If all of the attention isn't on him, he throws a hissy fit and thinks he should be able to quit and get re-hired as much as he wants. He gets along with his wife so well because she strokes his ego. That show is more about drama any more than ink.

BTW, I watched The Choir once. That was once too many times for me!

rockygrace said...

Kate, do people actually get, like, HURT on those shows? 'Cause I can't watch actual pain.

And BNG, what irks me about LA Ink is how many of the scenes are OBVIOUSLY staged. I mean, I know reality TV isn't actually REAL, but they're not even making an effort anymore.