Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Random

I got home from work on Friday to discover that the neighborhood kids had utilized their snow day off from school to build a gigantic snow throne in the park next door. I thought about taking some spray paint over and gussying it up, but I decided that it was their throne, not mine. And by yesterday, a couple of the neighborhood baby-toughs were busy pummeling it to pieces, so it's all gone now.

On Saturday morning, Little Girl decided I needed help with my painting:

That's the brush water she's drinking. Yum.

I had to give the cats their flea meds on Sunday, which always knocks them for a loop. Poor dudes slept all day.

After taking Mom out to lunch on Saturday, I think some of the reason she can't use a knife any more is that her left hand isn't really functional. I mean, she can use it if she HAS to, she just ... doesn't, most of the time. Hard telling if she's had another stroke, or if it's just the Alzheimer's screwing with her some more.

Oh, the Hermit House is undergoing repairs! There's a dumpster out front and people were there working on it yesterday. There goes the neighborhood haunted house.

And! The rumored ice cream store, which never did come to pass, is now a rumored pizza shop. Neither one of which is good news for my waistline, but having a pizza store two blocks from my house WOULD be pretty awesome.

Yesterday I went shopping in a store I almost never go in, because their prices are so outrageous (Bon-Ton, I'm looking at YOU), and I scored a pair of black dress pumps on final-final-FINAL-please-just-take-them-we're-tired-of-moving-them-around clearance for FIVE BUCKS. Booya!

Now, that Trent Reznor who won the Oscar for Best Original Score last night - am I safe in assuming that it's the same Trent Reznor who fronts Nine Inch Nails? The same guy who sings, "I wanna f*ck you like an animal"? THAT Trent Reznor?

'Cause he cleaned up pretty good.

So. How was YOUR weekend?


Badass Nature Girl said...

Sorry to hear about your mom :o(

Wutcha painting?

Good job on the heels!

My weekend was good! Nice and relaxing :o) Glad to hear you didn't go on any death trips this time around!

Fish Food said...

Fantastic bargain with the shoes! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the very same Trent Reznor! I'm glad you said something because I seemed to be the only one weirded out that he's all grown up and professional now. Weird.

rockygrace said...

BNG, I was painting the scene outside my window, which was basically snow, so don't ask me what the purple and orange were doing on the paint plate. Blame Little Girl.

Fish, I'm wearing the shoes right now!

And Kate, if anybody was gonna drop the F-bomb at the Oscars, I would've thought it would have been him and not that actress.

And she totally did that on purpose. There's no WAY you can "accidently" let that fly when you're accepting a major award.

Ha, and looking at "major award", all I can think of is the frah-GEE-lay leg lamp from that Christmas movie.

You know they sell reproductions of that lamp, right? There is a house I drive by once in a while that has one prominently displayed in their front window. LAME. Makes me want to throw a rock or something.

What's that? You say that YOU have one of those leg lamps? Oooooh, pretty.