Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Things that are bugging me right now ...

We are getting a shit-ton of snow today. Therefore, they canceled school. Therefore, all the municipal snowplow drivers rolled over and went back to sleep. I drove FIFTEEN MILES to work this morning and did not see ONE SINGLE PLOW. The roads were horrifying, and they're getting worse. Evidently, the towns care about keeping the schoolbuses full of children safe, but the rest of us are on our own. Grrrrr.

Also bothering me right now:

The term "pre-owned". It's "used", dude. "USED".

Those bumper stickers that say "envision whirled peas." Not funny.

God-awful ring tones. I don't want to hear Beethoven's Fifth right now; can't you just make the damn thing RING? Although I did hear one that cracked me up a while back: a meowing cat. This gal was in Crapmart, and her cell kept going off, "meow! meow!", and every time it did, everyone in a thirty-foot radius would jerk their heads up, looking for the cat.

The long-ass articles in The New Yorker magazine. Honestly, I don't HAVE an hour to read an article about Asian carp! The only long-ass magazine article that I can remember really enjoying was an article in Vanity Fair several years ago about a bunch of kids who made a frame-by-frame remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark, with kid actors and filmmakers and everything. I would KILL to see that movie.

The song "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen. Oh, it's pretty and all that, especially when it's sung by anyone other than Leonard Cohen, but now that it's become the "go-to" song for people who want to appear soulful and/or deep*, I'm sick of it.

The fact that my mom can no longer handle the logistics of a knife and fork. Someone has to cut her meat for her. God, Alzheimer's is a bastard. It takes away one ... little ... thing ... at ... a ... time.

"My bad". My LORD, I hate that phrase. Don't talk baby talk. Please. Also? That particular phrase had its fifteen minutes of fame about five years ago. It's over, people.

Sarah Palin, but I guess that goes without saying. Actually, she frightens me more than bugs me.

People who get rightupclosebehindme in a store line. You can't go THROUGH me, honey, and breathing down my neck is NOT going to make the line move any faster. Trust me. And the next person who rides up on my heels with their shopping cart? Is going to get punched. I actually DID shove a cart back behind me once with my foot, without turning around. I felt kind of bad when I saw the cart-pusher was a little old lady, but not TOO bad. Back off, granny.

Calling someone an "old soul". Blrreeeeeccccch.

Okay. Your turn!

*See also: "Amazing Grace".


downtown guy said...


rockygrace said...

From downtown's link:

"Eric, Chris and Jay built the Well of the Souls underneath the staircase in the basement of Eric's moms house."

I wanna see this movie!

and thanks, downtown guy!

downtown guy said...

It sounded so cool, I had to look it up.

the queen said...

Weathermen. Since when have weathermen been so concerned about my safety? I remember when they would grimly say "1 to 2 feet of snow" and not tell me to stay off the roads. Quit telling me what to do, weathermen.

~~Silk said...

Supermarkets that stock shelves based on "shelf space rental" and kickbacks paid by the distributors, rather based on what their customers want to buy.

For example, next time there's a big sports event, look at the soda shelves. A half-mile of Coke, very little of which sells until the the less expensive and local sodas are all gone.

(Betcha didn't know that distributors pay for shelf space, which is why smaller and local products are poorly displayed, if at all. The stores get most of their profit from shelf rental, not from what you pay for the products. They don't lose much to shoplifting, because they already got their money out of simply stocking it.)

Badass Nature Girl said...

I hear ya about the jackwagons that ride up on us at the check out lanes. In fact, I just had a guy today, who watched the cashier put the credit card receipt that I needed to sign, on the little shelf that he now has moved infront of, and he still wouldn't move. I snatched it up, moved down and signed it on the conveyor (sp?) belt and when I told the cashier that I was glad I didn't try to us my debit card, or he would have seen every thing I punched in, she thought I was yelling at her.

There was a guy that had a dog barking as his cell ring. Of course, I'm so used to hearing barking dogs because of my neighbors, that I didn't look around. Barking dogs are some thing that bugs me.

There's plenty else that bugs me, but you already know it from my blog postings :o)

rockygrace said...

Ooh! Ooh! One more! "Irregardless." NOT A WORD. Not as far as I'm concerned, anyway.

Anonymous said...

It's not a word. Regardless. That's it.

Your comment about the checkout lane reminded me of this: I think it was Dane Cook who had a bit about how protective we are about our shopping carts in the store. You have to stay with the cart! Don't leave the cart! Because what if someone else comes by and wants all the exact same stuff! "Hey, look, there's a shopping cart with all the stuff I need!" Well, I thought it was funny anyway.

What's bugging me? State-funded schools. It's so much cheaper to cram 30+ students into a class than it is to provide quality education to 20 students.