Thursday, February 10, 2011

The beginning stages of ...

So, last night American Idol was on, but I wasn't really paying attention, until the background music came up while they were showing ... I don't know ... I think it was some dude who got the whole touching back-story treatment, except he blew the audition, and then the buck-up-buddy background music came on, and I was wracking my brain, because I knew the song, I just couldn't place it, and I'm all, like, "keep playing it! I'm gonna get it in just ... one ... more ..."

Polyphonic Spree! It was the Polyphonic Spree doing one of their funky here-comes-the-sun songs, and I was so relieved, because I KNEW I knew that song.

Anybody else do that? Or is it just me?

And whatever happened to the Polyphonic Spree, anyway? Were they really a cult, or did they just look like one, thanks to the robes?

And you're all going, "what the hell is she TALKING about, here?"


Oh! But in other news, that congresswoman-who-got-shot-in-the-head may be attending her husband's upcoming shuttle launch. Which ... yeah, there's a GREAT idea. One month get shot in the head, next month be there in person to watch your husband's spaceship explode in flames against a crystal blue Florida sky.

God, I'm morbid.

It's the weather.


downtown guy said...

Okay, back in the mid 90s, do you remember a song called "I Got a Girl" that basically just went like that? Like "I got a girl, she wears hot shoes, I got a girl, she wears them in the nude, I got a girl blah blah, I got a girl blah blah"? It sucked, but it was a hit. Anyway, that was a band called Tripping Daisy, and when they broke up their lead singer went on to start PS. No cult, just a gimmick. They still tour and shit - some friends of mine partied with them last year. I dig them but don't own any of their shit.

Heather said...

I can see someone or hear something and wrack my brain trying to remember, sometimes it can take days of bugging me.

Rob said...

OMG! You need two weeks in the Bahamas ... stat!!

rockygrace said...

Downtown, thanks for the background! The first time I heard of Polyphonic Spree, they were on Austin City Limits, and it blew my mind - they sounded like nothing else out there. I've got the "Beginning Stages" CD - I dug it out last night for another listen.

Heather, I'm glad I'm not alone.

And Rob, yes, yes I DO need two weeks in the Bahamas!