Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Dang, he's quick

In the time it took me to back the car out of the garage this morning, The Runt had gotten into my work bag, found my sandwich, taken it out of its baggie, and decided that - meh - he didn't really care for turkey.

I swear, if that cat had opposable thumbs, he'd rule the world right now.


Domestic Kate said...

That sounds like a seagull I once encountered who got into my bag, unwrapped the the plastic wrap, and ate my sandwich at the beach--all while I was lying a couple feet away, blissfully unaware. At least you know that if he ever got lost, he'd probably do just fine scrounging for food. My cats can't figure out how to eat out of a person's hand.

rockygrace said...

Ha! My cats won't do the hand thing either - I think that when their face gets close enough, their wide-set eyes won't allow them to see what's right in front of them.

Then again, The Runt didn't have any problem locating that sandwich this morning ... seriously, it took him, like, twenty seconds to get into the work bag, find the sandwich, and take it out of the baggie. It cracked me up.