Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Back on the chain gang

I was bound and determined that I was NOT going to shovel snow last night. Sure, we'd gotten a couple of inches the night before, but I managed to blast my way out of the driveway in the morning, and I am SO TIRED of flippin' shoveling that I was just going to leave that snow lie, especially since I'd spent MONDAY night trying to chop the layers of ice that remained from the previous several storms off the driveway in anticipation of this NEXT load of snow.

Maaaaaan, it made me tired just typing that up.

ANYhow, I headed home from work, and I made a couple of stops on the way, because after all I had plenty of time, since I was NOT going to shovel, and

my dear friend the plow man had deposited a fresh snow wall at the end of the driveway.


You know, I KNOW the dude who plows my street. I mean, not PERSONALLY or anything, although I have met him once or twice through mutual friends, but I DO know who he is, and in moments like that, when I'm heading down my street and I find that ONCE AGAIN he has plowed in my driveway, I am full of all sorts of evil plans involving dump trucks full of snow and the end of HIS driveway.


I guess this winter is starting to get to me. You think?


Oh! And in OTHER news, I went last Tuesday to the eye doctor for an exam since it had been *cough* several years since my last one, and you know what? NO ONE working in eye care has a sense of humor.

Seriously, I stopped going to my LAST eye doctor because she was such a downer, so imagine my dismay when I go to the NEW eye doctor, only to discover that not only was SHE lacking a good mood, so was everyone in her office.

What is it about eye doctors? Lighten up a little!

Oh! And THEN, here I am, being all good doo-bee and getting my eyes examined and ordering new glasses and contacts and here's a check for a kaBILLION dollars (sob), and then I find out that it's gonna take three to five days to get the contacts ordered. And longer than THAT to get the damn glasses.

It's kinda like when you decide that you'd like a fish tank*, and you get all excited and you go to the pet store and you pick out your tank and your rocks and your filter and your fish and at some point somebody asks you if you are aware that you've got to set up the tank FIRST and let it run for a few days before you can put the fish in it and you're all, like, but I wanted fish TODAY and

holy shit where was I?

About to murder the plow driver. And the eye doctor.

I've had better weeks.

*don't do it. Pain in the ass.


Fish Food said...

Beautiful picture.

Sympathies for the week though! I remember the waiting for contacts and new glasses to be made up (my eyes were bad enough that they didn't keep my prescription in the opticians). It's a pain.

Now though - no glasses/contact lenses because of the laser surgery.

That was a pain too, though!!ac

Rob said...

You must have caught my disease. And I have no idea what to do about it besides keep on keepin' on.

rockygrace said...

Fish, you're braver than I am - I have never even considered the surgery. I'm a big chicken.

And Rob, six months from now, it'll be July. Hold on to that.