Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Proof of my midlife crisis

I ordered a set of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill iron-on logo transfers from ebay.

It's like I'm seventeen all over again! ... except without all the sex and drugs and booze.


Oh, and I've started listening to NPR. Like, a LOT. Granted, sometimes I throw stuff at the radio (damn hippies!), but still, I never pictured myself as an NPR-type person.

I even listen to the opera broadcasts on Saturday afternoon now. Well, except for that god-awful "Nixon in China" mess they had on last weekend, which scared the cats.

Dang, I'm old.


Zella said...

Hey -- paying a visit back :) Must say you're hilarious, I was laughing my head off reading your recent posts...

I'm clueless about the iron on transfer thingy -- I googled it and I'm still clueless.You have a winery and you iron lables to your bottles ? I guess I need to read more of your blog to find clues.... But hey, happy ironing ! And thanks for visiting my blog..

rockygrace said...

Hi, Zella! Good to see you!

Boones Farm was a cheap wine popular with high school kids back in the day (late seventies, in my case). My friends and I all wore Boones Farm logo t-shirts which we thought were the coolest thing EVER, so I bought some iron-on t-shirt transfers to recreate the clothing of my misspent youth. (Holy cow, that was one long-winded explanation, no? Sorry about that.)

Thanks for stopping by - come back again anytime!

Laura said...

I know, right? It sounded Philip Glass-y, and the play within an opera was very confusing. Glad I'm not the only hater.

rockygrace said...

And the operas sung in English always remind me of how banal the lyrics actually are.

I like it better when I can't understand what they're singing. :)