Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What the flip is a "swim tee"?

Okay, I have a whole great big post coming about how I could have died on Saturday because of my disastrously bad idea to head to Ithaca on a winter day*, but first off, I was leafing through a Kohl's flyer and I see they have "swim tees for men" on sale.


So, at first, I was, like, well, maybe guys have FINALLY gotten enough good sense to realize that seeing their flabby guts out on display is not exactly a turn-on for the laydeez, and "swim tees" are the solution!

Except, I don't think you're actually supposed to wear them WHILE swimming, because they look just like a regular tee shirt, and who wants all that wet tee-shirt fabric dragging you down while you're in the water?

So, maybe they're like a cover-up? Like, you're swimmingswimmingswimming, and then when you get out of the water, you put on your swim tee so the laydeez don't get a good look at your whale guts? But ... why can't you use a regular tee shirt for that? Why you need a special "swim tee"?

Now I'm confused.


*don't do it. Just WAIT FOR SPRING.


Badass Nature Girl said...

If it's what I think it is, it is not made of the same fabric as a regular tee, or even the same amount of it. I think they're more like a swimsuit fabric (polyester mixed with some spandex, etc). They are more form fitting, some thing you might see a surfer wear.

Anonymous said...

My son wears a swim tee (like BNG says fabric is like swimsuit material--for fast drying?) for body surfing, the slip and slide--dude gets lots of scratches and regular tees fall apart. I like them to help prevent sunburns. My (not so) supportive daughter tells him only guys who wear swim shirts are self conscience about their bodies but she wears them too.

rockygrace said...

Boy oh boy, I learn something new every day, don't I?

So, how did people get along withOUT swim tees all these years?

You know, it's kinda like water shoes. All those years, I just wore an old pair of sneaks when I went swimming in the (stony-bottomed) lake, and then they went and thought up water shoes.


But then again, swim shoes cost money, and a ratty old pair of sneaks are free, so I win.


Logical Libby said...

My husband wears one because he has skin like tissue paper and burns instantly. It's just like a lycra shirt.

I still tease him about it.

Anonymous said...

OK-I am with you on the water shoes--the BEST way to get rid of shoes you hate--why would you buy some?

Domestic Kate said...

Swim shoes--if only they'd been invented (and we'd had enough extra money to buy them) before about 1988, my brother wouldn't have had his foot sliced open by a broken piece of glass on the bottom of the lake. I've never heard of anyone wearing old sneakers, but that certainly makes a lot of sense.