Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who DOES that?!

Okay, so, on my lunch break today I had to run up to the Dollar General (ew) to pick up a couple of things, and the lady ahead of me in line (they're always ahead of ME, dontcha know) was having a FIT because they wouldn't let her use multiple manufacturer's coupons for the same purchase.

Bottom line: She had three manufacturer's coupons for buy-two-Tide-products-and-one-Febreze-product-and-get-a-dollar-off. So she bought two Tides and one Febreze and was HIGHLY OFFENDED that they wouldn't let her use all three coupons.

"Ma'am", the store manager said, "You can't stack manufacturer's coupons. It's against Dollar General policy. You could combine one manufacturer's coupon and one Dollar General coupon, but you can't use more than one manufacturer's coupon per purchase."

"WELL!", she said. "The OTHER places I shop let me do it!"

Oh no they don't, I'm thinking. Not unless your cousin's the cashier, they don't.

Look. If they let people do that, people would collect, like, thirty coupons for a tube of toothpaste, buy one tube, and make a bunch of money off the deal.


So in the end she abandoned her cart and huffed out of the store and I was glad. Because people like that drive me CRAZY.

How about you guys? Any crazy shopping people to report? A friend of my niece's got punched in the nose one time in the Walmart parking lot ...


Reading (and chickens) said...

And this is why i never leave my house.

Becs said...

This is why I have managed to somehow live without shopping...of any kind. I don't know how I do it, actually.

rockygrace said...

I have to be in the right "mood" to shop - If I'm feeling stabby, I just stay home. And I try not to go anywhere NEAR Walmart on the weekends - that's when all the woodchucks are out.