Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Poetry in motion

You know how all those foster cat bloggers get tons of great action shots of their kitties? Ones that show every little whisker as the kittens leap into the air after toys? (Robyn, I'm looking at YOU.) Yeah, here's what happens when I try that:

Let's see, that would be black blur in the lower left, gray blur, and Delilah, looking blurrily away from the camera.

I've tried the action setting on my camera, which generally works great for motion shots, but I just ... can't ... get the pic.

Gray blur and Delilah, almost in focus:

Gray blur again ... oh, heck, you get the blurry picture. I'm starting to feel a little seasick, myself.

You know when's the ONE time that the cats stop moving for TWO SECONDS so I can get a non-blurry picture?

Yep. Dinnertime. Bon appetit, guys.


Robyn said...

I swear to god, I take a LOT of pictures and only about ten percent of them are worth keeping. Also, it helps that I don't actually have a job. :)

rockygrace said...

Robyn, if taking care of all those cats isn't a job (albeit a FUN job), I don't know what one is. I don't know how you do it.

Badass Nature Girl said...

Little bundles of energy--so cute!