Thursday, October 27, 2011

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about

I actually had a good experience with customer service yesterday.



Backstory: Ever since I bought my place, over two years ago, I've had a problem with the lights flickering. It only happened sporadically, and usually when the wind was blowing, so I figured that the problem was with the electrical wiring passing through the tree branches out front. Every once in a while it would get bad for a few days, and I'd get ready to call NYSEG (the utility company) but then the problem would stop and I'd forget about it again. Besides, who wants to have to call customer service, and get the runaround, and take time off work to wait for the crew to get there?

Except ... I got to wondering. What, I wondered, if the problem ISN'T with the lines outside? What if there's some kind of SHORT in the HOUSE wiring and ohmyGod I'm going to burn to a crisp ...

I called NYSEG yesterday morning and left a message. And - get ready to faint - somebody CALLED ME BACK. Who SPOKE ENGLISH. And last night? A very nice NYSEG man came to my house, and got up in his cherry picker in the dark and the rain (bless his heart) and FIXED MY PROBLEM.

And the angels sang.

Oh NYSEG, I love you. You may charge the highest utility rates in the country, but right now I am ready to forget all that because when I called, you came.

As opposed to Verizon. When our offices flooded, it took goddamn Verizon a MONTH AND A HALF to get our phones back up. They'd miss appointments, show up when no one was at the office, and generally dicked around for SIX WEEKS. F*ck you, Verizon.

NYSEG, on the other hand? I want to marry NYSEG. Right now. Let's get a ring and a date!


Reading (and chickens) said...

That's good to know. When we reported a suspicious gas smell in our house, someone from the utility came out with a meter and said, "Yup, you've got a gas leak." And then I said, "Um, aren't you giong to fix it?" they said, "Nope," and then LEFT. WHEN I HAD TWO BABIES IN MY HOUSE. Ah, utility companies. I wish they were all as good as yours!

rockygrace said...

They ... they ... they said you had a gas leak, then LEFT? Whoa. Worst customer service ever.