Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Squirrel Car

A couple of weeks ago, I was at Salt Springs, and came upon this:

There are lots of old cars out in the woods. Evidently, back in the day, when people got done with a car, sometimes they'd just drive it out into the forest and leave it.

Let's go for a ride!

Hmmm ...

I'm guessing it's a Chevelle.


Birdie said...

There is a car in one of the places I go for a walk. There are trees growing through it now so I suspect it has been there are very long time.

Reading (and chickens) said...

This is so cool; living in a city, there's not much chance of seeing this (unless I lived in Detroit, I suppose). But I *do* see a bunch of abandoned shopping carts. In the street. Practically the same thing, right?

rockygrace said...

Birdie, a car with trees growing through it sounds neat.

In one of the places I walk, if you go far enough, you come across a big brick chimney. No house, no foundation remains - just the chimney.

and R(ac), abandoned shopping carts are just depressing. And why, oh why is your chicken crying?

Laura said...

When my sister's VW bug died, it was rolled into the woods on my parents' farm. I've been watching it deteriorate for about two decades.

rockygrace said...

Laura, it would be neat to take pictures of the car over the years. But maybe that's just me.