Friday, October 14, 2011

How teeny is Dumplin?

This teeny:

THIS teeny:



Reading (and chickens) said...

I think you should rename this "adorable Friday" (also M-Th).

Rob said...

Nice Legs! ... I mean, nice cat :)

rockygrace said...

R(ac), I know, right? It's like Cute Overload in my spare room.

And Rob, hell, I'll take a compliment any way I can get it. Thanks! :)

Becs said...

Oh, he still has blue eyes! Squee!

Badass Nature Girl said...

Oh, I am NOT showing these pictures to Jacob or I will need ear plugs at the high frequency gushing he'll be doing. Oh what the heck, I'll show him.

I like that one photo of Dumplin on your legs (no, I will not say you have nice legs)and how there's other tiny paws going for his tail (and your leg.

Becs said...

Well, you do have nice legs. I just can't understand why you're wearing shorts when it's 65F.

Oh,I know - to fully appreciate Dumplin's exsqueesite fluffiness.

rockygrace said...

BNG, I hope Jacob doesn't die of the cute. :) And yeah, those leeetle paws crack me up - not sure if that was Samson or Delilah going for the tail.

and Becs, I was wearing shorts because I'm an exhibitionist.

Not really - it was like 75 degrees last weekend when I took that pic.

And what's killing me right now is the baby belly that Dumplin's still sporting. Such a little sweetie!

Oh! And there was Big! News! on the adoption front this morning. I'll put up a post on Monday.

Logical Libby said...

There is nothing cuter than a kitten. Really, its scientifically proven.