Friday, January 28, 2011

Freaky Friday - Phantom Photos

So! Back on Christmas day, I went for a walk down the road and took some pictures. I was going to put them up here, but then I dropped the camera (d'oh!) and the pictures disappeared from the memory card. I figured I'd jolted them right off of there.

Then! A couple of nights ago, the camera was flaking out on me. It kept saying "memory full", even though there were, like, three pics on there. When in doubt, reboot, so I pulled the batteries and the memory card and re-inserted them.

And the photos from Christmas day reappeared! Spooky. Let me present Phantom Photos:

Old barns are cool. Especially working barns, i.e., barns that are still being used to store farm machinery and animals, as opposed to the owner's project car.


These guys were really curious about the person walking by their pasture. Next time I go that way, I should take along a couple of apples for them. If I'm not mistaken, Sugar Creek flows through that little ravine behind them.

Aren't these chickens cool-looking? They were huddled up along the side of a shed, keeping each other warm. I love all the different colors. Folks out this way like their chickens fancy.

And here's a question: How do the chickens know how to stay out of the road? There are several farms on this road where the people let their chickens roam free, and while I often see chickens right on the edge of the road, I've never seen one actually in the road, either alive or ... you know.

Hmm. Maybe all those jokes were wrong. Maybe chickens don't cross the road after all.


Badass Nature Girl said...

Lovely pics and I love old barns too! I hate it out here that people just let them fall apart.

I asked hubby about the chickens, since he used to raise them. He said that they won't usually go far from where they sleep. It's sort of a defense mechanism for them, that if the shit hits the fan and some wild animal comes into the area, they can run back 'home' quickly. Also, they'll stay usually where there is just grass so they can feed on bugs and what not. All of that said, I am sure there must be an occasional stubborn and independent chicken who crosses the road to see what's on the other side.

rockygrace said...

Your husband raised chickens? That's neat.

Badass Nature Girl said...

Yep, and goats too. He really misses it, in particular the goats. He thinks they're the cutest! He had already stopped raising them though by the time we got together.