Tuesday, January 04, 2011

and out it went

I took the tree down Sunday.

I think this was probably the earliest I've ever taken the tree down. It's not that I'm all grinchy this year or anything; I just took a look at that tree Sunday morning and thought, "I'm really kind of over that."

I mean, that glorious, fabulous pine smell had pretty much dissipated, and if you brushed against a bottom branch when filling the stand a shower of needles would rain down, but really, those are just excuses.

It was blocking the sun and I wanted it down and out it went*. The porch decorations and the mailbox garland and all the outside stuff is still up, but the tree is history.

How about you? Tree still up, or down already?

Oh! And in other weekend news, it hit fifty here on Saturday, which means I was out in the driveway in my ski jacket, washing the car. Hell, make hay while the sun shines and all that.

And then! Sunday, I was backing out of the driveway when I heard a giant "BAM!" from underneath the car. Judging by the way it's now listing to port, I think I probably busted a shock or a spring or something. Which is what happens when you own a Saturn: Shit breaks when you're backing out of the driveway. No wonder they don't make 'em anymore. Oh, and you can scroll down to the post below, where we're playing a little guessing game about how much the repairs are gonna cost.

*Truly? This is one of the best things about living alone. No negotiations, no "Well, maybe we should leave it up for one more week", no having your partner promise to take care of it and then he doesn't take care of it and pretty soon it's almost FEBRUARY and there's an ugly fight about how he NEVER does what he says he'll do and

man, I'm glad I live alone. Holy shit.


Holly said...

We take ours down every NYE, so we start the year off clean. We're probably offending the traditions of Epiphany or something, but in our house, Christmas is over when we can no longer justify storing all the opened presents under the tree.

Rob said...

I wait until mine catches on fire.

Generally, that's my guideline for throwing all things away.

Bridgett said...

Tree is down, but I leave the manger up until after Epiphany (1/6) because it's easy to put away. If I don't get the tree down really early, I risk having it up until winter break (first break in the teaching schedule, which is first week of March). In the south, people often take it down the day after Christmas so it doesn't feel weird to me to have it down "early."

And I washed the car today. We're soul sisters or something.

Captcha word is "excess." Funny.

Badass Nature Girl said...

Our tree is still up, but I took the other things down that were inside. The outside lights are still up. We take the tree down on or after three kings day, but we can never remember when that is from year to year, so unless I catch that tidbit on the news, I'll just take it down when I think it's gotten dusty enough...which would have been a week ago. And I feel your pain about the Saturn...that's the car that is now the mill car for hubby, although it did stop falling apart there for a few years!

Anonymous said...

Our tree went down (and into the closet cuz it's fake!) on the Wednesday or so after Christmas--I guess about a week ago. We had some spare time, so I figured we might as well take it down. I don't feel any sadness about it. Our current dwelling doesn't have much space for a tree anyway, so now my house is less cluttered!