Monday, August 15, 2011

You can't make this shit up

"World's Largest Stove Destroyed by Fire".


Aren't stoves made out of, like, metal? Isn't the whole point of a stove, well, the oven part anyway, to make fire?

And yet, the article says that the stove, built in 1893, was made of oak.

who the hell makes a stove out of wood?

Oh man. I just don't understand.


the queen said...

Neh, I googled "giant Michigan Stove" and looked at images. Just an Oak statue of a stove. Not a functioning stove.

rockygrace said...

Why ... why would you build a giant MODEL of a stove? Just because you can, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Because GIANT replicas of small household objects were all the rage at turn-of-the-century state fairs...displayed the magnitude of the state's industry and impressed the kiddies. Made a nice subject for postcards. That sort of thing...

(from bridgett)