Thursday, August 04, 2011

I have a question

Because I am ancient, I have the local daily newspaper delivered. It used to be a high school kid from up the street who did the route, and every month when I mailed in my payment, I included a tip for the kid. It was only, like, a buck-a-week tip, but I figured if the kid had forty people on his route, and they were each tipping him a buck a week on top of what the newspaper paid him, that wasn't too shabby.

But! About a month ago, I got a message on my voicemail saying that my route was being switched to a motor route. Last week, they came and put a newspaper box out by my mailbox, which kind of sucks, because now, instead of just opening up the door in my PJs and grabbing the paper off the porch, I have to walk out to the street in my PJs to grab the paper from the box. Kind of like the walk of shame, but for a paper. And no, I don't bother to get dressed first or anything. If the neighbors don't want to see me in my PJs with my hair standing straight up on my head because I haven't showered yet, they can look away. Although I predict that I will be wearing more clothes on the walk to the paper box come January.

But! Back to the question! Okay, so, now, instead of the high school kid up the street delivering the paper to my door, there is a grown man in a beatermobile with a VERY LOUD MUFFLER driving down my street in the early morning, shoving papers into everyone's paper boxes without even getting out of his car.

Am I supposed to tip him?

I mean, OF COURSE I tipped the high school kid. That poor bastard had to make his way up everybody's yet-unshoveled driveways half the damn year. And, I mean, he was a KID, so the paper probably wasn't paying him all that much.

But what about the grown dude in the car? Is paper-delivery like being a waiter, where your base pay is less because they know you'll make it up in tips? Or does this guy already make a fair base pay, in which case I don't think a tip is expected. Is it like the mailman, who you just give a gift to at Christmas? And let's factor in that the paper dude's not coming to my door, he's not even getting out of his car, but just putting the paper in my paper box.

Any former (or current) paperboys out there? I need to know what to do, here.


Badass Nature Girl said...

When we were getting a paper out here, they had the paper box out at the end of the driveway, which is a distance from the front door, but we still tipped (minimally and when we could), just because I knew they were coming from a distance out this way and I had no idea how well they are paid. What with gas prices and all, I'd still tip in your case too.

Rob said...

Tipping is a real can of worms, because no matter what your opinion is, some one else is going to think you're a cheap ass. My rule is, if I have personal interaction with them, I tip ... so waitresses, valets, hair stylists, and so on. The only exception I make is maid service, if I stay more than one night at a hotel.

You have to draw a line, otherwise you're shoving money at every person you come across.

Holly said...

I don't tip lazy-asses in cars who take jobs from 14 year olds, having been a delivery girl myself once upon a time. Just being a brat, probably.

rockygrace said...

BNG, yeah, maybe gas prices should be factored in. Then again, maybe the newspaper pays him mileage. I DON'T KNOW. Hmmm ... I guess I could call the paper ... naw - I'll just ask you guys. :)

Rob, you don't tip the MAIDS? I thought that was, like, required. Maybe I'm wrong?

and Holly, bravo to you for being a delivery girl! I always thought it must be a pretty sucky job, what with the weather and barking dogs and all.

Oh! And now I have a new question, in addition to the paper thing! Okay, the deli sandwich called a "gyro". Is it pronounced, "Hero", or is it pronounced like the beginning of "gyroscope"? I've heard it both ways.

Badass Nature Girl said...

We pronounce it g(uh)-year-o here, but I've heard it pronounced different ways.

Rob said...

OMG W! No, I tip the maids if I stay more than one night at a hotel. Now I look like a monster! I told you this was a touchy subject :)

rockygrace said...

Whew, Rob, you had me worried there for a minute ...

Anonymous said...

yeah, I used to tip the paperboy, but now it's a motor route-different people on weekends, and they change frequently. Plus, we pay automatically, so no more envelope to even put it in. My cousin used to deliver (my parents wouldn't let me) and I remember when he had to collect payment. Great, now I feel old!
Pronounced Euro around here.

Becs said...

I stopped getting a paper when the drive-by delivery person actually included an envelope for a tip at Christmas time.

Please! Always, always, always tip the maid! She makes minimum wage. She probably has a family to support.

I tip the maid every day I stay, because the same maid may not get the same rooms every day. I tip $5 a day and leave the money on a note that says "Maid". If you just leave the cash out, she won't touch it.

Please tip the maid! (I was one, once. Can you tell?)