Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Breaking News!

The shelter just called - after FIVE DAYS of waiting, the board has approved my application. Tomorrow afternoon, Curious George will be coming home with me.


And because I am a glutton for punishment, I have been googling "cats getting along", to read heartwarming stories of cat BFFs.

And what I am finding instead is story after story about cats who hate each other, about cats who have been fighting for YEARS, about how Princess has the living room and kitchen but Buster has the bedrooms and the basement, and


LOOK. I KNOW that cats can peacefully co-exist. Little Girl LOVED her brother, and she is fond of all the cats in the neighborhood. My sister Ditzy at one point had FIVE cats, all of whom got along. It's just that, well, reading all these internet horror stories about cat wars is starting to freak me out.

SO! I need your help. Please tell me your stories about cats who get along. About cats who enjoy each other's company. About successful shelter adoptions.

Because I could use a little reassurance right now.


Badass Nature Girl said...

YAY! and good luck! It's all I got, I never owned more than one cat.

Anonymous said...

oh man--you just want to freak yourself out. My current cats (1 easygoing big male, 1 younger female hunting goddess) took about 2 months to learn to live with each other-lots of hissing, low, long growls and hateful looks. They mostly keep their distance from each other and once in a great while I see them curled up together on the couch. A previous cat went to live with my mom because she did not like anyone--kids, dogs, cats--she just wanted to be left alone damnit. SO....good luck, give them time, and maybe they will put up with each other by winter?

rockygrace said...

Thanks, BNG!

And what the f*ck, Anonymous? This is NOT what I need to hear right now ...

Anonymous said...

I have 2 stories!

We adopted Diego and about a year later, we got him a sister, Lupe. They had a few days of treading softly around each other, but they quickly became friends. They used to really play together, tumbling around the living room and so forth. They would go exploring outside together and they'd nap together sometimes. As Lupe got older, I think she was more irritated with Diego's attempts to play with her, but they still got along just fine.

After Lupe died, we adopted Kira. Kira and Diego didn't get along quite as well, but they were buddies. They'd go outside exploring together, and when something was threatening Diego, Kira would come to his rescue (or so she thought anyway).

Is that better?

rockygrace said...

Much better, Kate! Thanks! I needed that!

Zella said...

Oh, how I wish I could send you photos of my two (ex) cats Dexter and Felix who got on like a house of fire...even though in the beginning there was A LOT of hissing. It takes a while, but they will get along eventually -- I would say it's very rare that they won't.


rockygrace said...

Hmmm ... house of fire ... does this mean that the cats are going to become co-conspirators and burn my house down? :)

Thanks for the congrats, Zella!