Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Sunday walk

Oh! It was a gorgeous day. There was pretty scenery:

Majestic hawks:

Okay, okay, they were turkey vultures. Jeez.

Leetle fawns:

and ... and ...

Hoo boy. I want to meet whoever put up this little art installation. As a matter of fact, I almost knocked on the nearest door, just to say, "You rock!" but, well, houses were few and far between in that neck of the woods, and nobody knew where I was, and ... yeah ... I chickened out. But I am DEFINITELY going back on Halloween.

Or ... not. Maybe if I can get somebody to go with me. Anybody game?


Badass Nature Girl said...

I'd go with you!

Anonymous said...

The baby doll attached to that thing's head (?) is awesome. Why are old baby dolls always so damned creepy?

I'd go with you, except 1) I'm a little far away now and 2) I'm kinda terrified of crazy hill people.

Rob said...

I thought I lived amongst the crazies.

LL Cool Joe said...

Ha ha that is creepy. The fawns quite sweet though. ;)