Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Tater Tot Casserole

Okay, so, I was going to ask a question about tipping today, but then I watched last night's episodes of Nineteen Kids and Totally Insane and got sidetracked.

Did anybody else watch that? Where they go to New York, and Dad Duggar is amazed at how much everything costs, and I'm, like, dude, it's totally cheaper when you don't have twenty freakin' kids! Jeez.

Oh! And then! And then! Dad Duggar is FREAKING OUT over taking the kids on the subway, and he's all, like, "If you don't get on when the rest of us get on, and GET ON QUICKLY, you will be LEFT BEHIND (ah hahahahaha) and we will NOT BE ABLE TO FIND YOU and ..."

... and all I could think of was that old song, oh what's the one, the Kingston Trio sang it ... "And he never returned, no he never returned, and his fate is still unlearned (poor old Charlie) ..." The M.T.A! That's the one! The one about the Boston subway system!

Anyhow, none of the kids got swallowed up by the subway system, and that was a damn shame, because that would've been one VERY SPECIAL EPISODE of Nineteen Kids and Totally Insane.

Oh! But then! At this point I wasn't paying an awful lot of attention, but they go on some talk show, and somebody asks Michelle Duggar if she's going to have MORE KIDS (!), and she's all, like, "If it's God's will ..." And I'm all, like, "LOOK, honey. That last one almost KILLED you, and the KID doesn't look too damn healthy EITHER, so JUST STOP, already."

But of course, from what I understand the Duggars are part of that crazy-ass Quiverfull movement, where the whole POINT of a woman's EXISTENCE is to pop out as many boy kids as possible for the coming war against the heathens, i.e., anybody who doesn't believe just exactly what they do, so I guess stopping is pretty much not an option for her.

Oh! And the baby! I wanna know who paid the kabillion dollars in medical bills when that kid was born, like, a year and a half premature. What does ol' Jim Bob DO for a living, anyway? Does he have private insurance? Somehow ... I doubt it. I mean, I know the kids all got their orthodontia done on a quid-pro-quo thing because their dentist is a crazy Quiverful dude, but what about all the ICU care that baby needed? Who PAID for that?

Waaaaaaaaiit a minute ... I wonder if TLC, the channel who airs the show, paid for it? Ya think? And now that I think about it, when Dad Duggar was bitching about the high cost of everything in NYC ... I wonder how much that family's getting paid for the show? Enough to pay for those subway tokens, I'll bet.

Look. I love watching the Duggars. It's just a nice, calm show, where nothing ever really happens, and none of the kids are at each other's throats, and they're not fighting about boyfriends or cell phones or what's on TV, and while it remains unsaid, you KNOW that they're convinced that the rest of us are going to fry like bacon come judgement day.

And oh my god holy shit did anybody catch that part where Michelle is talking about "fun training" her kids, which is basically, "Shut up and use sign language, so I DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOU, you little shit". THAT was kind of a jaw-dropper. She is training her kids to be SILENT, which ... well, I mean, it's good for HER, but the kids have got to be a little ... stifled, is all I'm saying.

Okay! So! Time to wrap this up. I love the Duggars, as long as I don't let myself think about their basic philosophy, which I pretty much totally disagree with. Summer TV viewing at its finest.


Holly said...

Google "razing ruth" for an interesting read. One of the eldest Duggar daughters left the family and went to college, and the letters she gets about it are jaw-droppingly awful. (Scroll down on her blog a bit.)

rockygrace said...

Oh man, the letter that girl's "fiance" wrote her ... holy cow. What CENTURY is that dude coming from? - the Duggar century, apparently. Some of that screed was actually pretty (unintentionally, I'm sure) hilarious. I actually burst out laughing when he was bitching her out for MASTURBATING, because, COME ON, like HE never polished the ol' flagpole. PLEASE.

I don't think she's an actual Duggar, though - she makes some references comparing her family to the Duggars - which means that there's MORE of them out there *shudder*.

And that's why I'm conflicted about the show - They seem so NICE and SINCERE and WHOLESOME, and then you read about what they actually BELIEVE and it's just ... WRONG. SO WRONG.

Rob said...

Hey! I wanted to throw my two cents worth in on tipping! Gyp!

rockygrace said...

Coming right up, Rob. :)