Monday, August 01, 2011

Good News

So! I stopped by the shelter on Saturday morning to see if they needed any help, and ... no. They had all the volunteers they needed for the day, which ... I have to admit, getting turned down to volunteer stung a little bit, but oh well.

And! Guess what! New Kitty has a new home! She was adopted by a family with children, which means that she'll get to grow up with kids, which, how cool is THAT? She's such a playful little thing.

Unfortunately, Momma did not go with her, but she's hardly more than a kitten herself, and the shelter is hopeful that she'll find a home soon.

Since the shelter didn't want me on Saturday (rats), I decided to head up to Ithaca. Where I found this:

Get out of the way, Little Girl! Sheesh.

Here ya go:

Because evidently I am six, this just tickles me. And by yesterday afternoon a couple of slugs had moved in, which is kind of gross, but everybody's gotta live someplace, right?


Anonymous said...

I love that house--it cracks me up! I wonder what little creatures will use it.

rockygrace said...

Man, I just hope Little Girl doesn't kill and eat whatever moves in. That would be grim.

Logical Libby said...

I bet they are very uptown slugs. Probably even snooty.

rockygrace said...

Maybe I should make them little top hats?