Thursday, August 11, 2011

NOBODY's really that stupid, are they?

I was watching last night's Teen Mom, which I'm fairly sure was a rerun, but I think it was a new-ish rerun, although who knows, what with MTV's effed up programming schedule, and

... where was I? Oh yeah, Teen Mom, and you know what drives me CRAZY? The one girl who named her kid Bentley. Whaaaaa? Why not just name him Rolls Royce or Lexus and be done with it? Sheesh.

What's that? You said you named YOUR kid Bentley? LOVELY NAME.


ANYWAY, I was watching Teen Mom, and Farrah bought a puppy. Which ... great idea, Farrah! You're already overloaded with a two-year-old and school and an overbearing mom, so sure! Add a puppy to the mix! With that set of judgment skills, I can see how she got knocked up.

But! The best part? The part that I am still having trouble believing?

She didn't understand that the puppy had to go outside to do his business.

THE ENTIRE EPISODE, she's chasing the puppy around her apartment, cleaning up his poop and pee, going, "Why do you keep DOING this?", never ONCE taking the poor thing outside.

At one point, oh hahahahahahaha I am not even kidding, she held the puppy over the toilet, urging him to go to the bathroom.

Which, I mean, it COULD work, in the same way that a broken watch is right twice a day, but STILL.

By the end of the episode, she had the dog in diapers, it evidently still never occurring to her that the dog had to go outside to poop.

My head hurt. This woman is raising a child.

Summer TV! Ya gotta love it.


Zella said...

Well, technically, this is a child raising a child ;)

However, I sure as hell knew by the time I was 5 that dogs need to go outside to "do their business", so that much for that excuse....

rockygrace said...

Yeah, I kept waiting for her two-year-old to explain it to her ...