Monday, February 08, 2010

Stampy, the Angry Deer

Remember the deer who was mad at me? Here she is, in all her foot-stomping glory:

Deer with 'tude.


A Skin Bag for Jesus! said...

Oh my! She does look aggressive!

This is crazy! But true! My nephew went hunting last year. Fell asleep leaning against a tree trunk. And honestly, woke up when a deer KICKED him in the face! He had the hoof prints to prove it! It did quite a bit of damage to his cheek. Ow!

But, he had the last say. He grabbed his rifle with his left hand and shot him dead before he could turn to run away.

Man... I didn't know they could be so mean!

rockygrace said...

When deer attack!

Fish Food said...
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Fish Food said...

The deer is beautiful.

rockygrace said...

Isn't she pretty? Too bad she's so grumpy.

Heather said...

That phrase "she beautiful when she's angry" seems to apply here!