Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pop Quiz!

On a dark desert highway

Cool wind in my hair

Warm smell of ---------

Rising up through the air

Fill in the blank!


Anonymous said...

yeah, had to google it-must have just hummed when I sang!

downtown guy said...

Colitas, which is supposed to mean "little buds" or something like that. Ah, the different ways to sorta kinda hide drug references and still get your songs played on the radio.

rockygrace said...

Colitas? What the hell is that? Is it like a Margarita?

Speaking of which, I know some people whose last name is Margaritas, which is awesome.

Seriously, I always thought they were singing "Pelete* dust", which makes no sense at all, in that "Pelete" isn't even a word, except I was just a kid (okay, okay, I was in HIGH SCHOOL), and for all I knew, "Pelete" was some kind of California plant or something. Which they, like, ran over with their car, causing the Pelete dust to rise. THERE WAS NO GOOGLE BACK THEN. Sheesh. Although, come to think of it, there WERE dictionaries, so there goes that excuse. Gah.

Oh! But I just checked the Nixon-era dictionary here at work, and there IS no "Colitas" there. Just "Colitis", which is something entirely different, obv.

Aren't you glad you stopped by, downtown guy? Sorry about this.

*Pronounced "Pul-LEET". You must always pronounce your imaginary words correctly.

downtown guy said...

Well, it's Spanish, so not in Nixon's dictionary. Of course, neither was honesty, and that's an English word.

rockygrace said...


Now I feel like an idiot.

downtown guy said...

Smoke some colitas, you'll feel better.

rockygrace said...


Oh yeah, and nice Nixon dig. Good ol' Tricky Dick.

~~Silk said...

I know your pain. I always thought there was "a bathroom on the right".

rockygrace said...

Good one, Silk!

Here's a personal favorite:

Song: Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

Lyric: Time makes you bolder

What I thought it said: Time ages boulders


Heather said...

Well I'm late as usual. Colitas a desert flower.

rockygrace said...

Guys, when I search on line for "Colitas", all I find are references to the song.

This is some kind of inside joke, isn't it? Like a snipe hunt. On line. :)

Kerri said...