Friday, February 05, 2010

Holy shit you guys, you're not even going to believe this ...

(Yes, I did put this up for a few hours yesterday, and then I pulled it. But f*ck it, it's too good to hide, so I'm bringing it back. Sue me. (not really) (please don't))

Okay, I'm burying this sucker in the comments because I don't want to get flamed on, so head to comments now (but be warned that I am about to get incredibly, meanly SNARKY on another blogger) ......


rockygrace said...

here we go ..... I was reading the comments on another blog, and somebody - I'm not even kidding here - commented with the screen name - are you ready? - "A Skin Bag For Jesus".


I shit you not, I was like, either it's a condom or a porn star, so OF COURSE I clicked on that name to discover "A Skin Bag For Jesus"'s blog ... here's her profile description:

"A sinner saved by grace and continually seeking more of her Lord! Thrilling in Him more everyday. And wanting to live being the Display of His Splendor. John 1 talks about 'The Word becoming flesh and dwelling among men'... which was Jesus coming to the world in the skin of a baby. Jesus is still birthed again into this world and walks in human form... He still chooses to live in skins. This time in mine, and yours too if you've asked Him to. That's the reason for my chosen description. I am honored that He'd live again in my skin! "

Holy shit you guys please understand that I am not ragging on religion AT ALL, but holy shit A SKIN BAG FOR JESUS hahahahahahaha

I could not resist sharing this. could. not. I know it's mean. I'll pull it down shortly. But oh dear Lord A SKIN BAG FOR JESUS


rockygrace said...

.... so is Jesus like that dude in The Silence of the Lambs who was making a suit out of skin?!

oh I SWEAR I'll pull this down shortly but right now HAHAHAHAHA



rockygrace said...


I just fell out of my chair ......

Domestic Kate said...

I love this! I suppose s/he was well-intentioned, but couldn't s/he just say "A Skin for Jesus"? A skin bag? Am I the only one who thinks that sounds vaguely like male genitalia? Crazy.

rockygrace said...

All I can think of is rubbers. Or, you know, douche bag.

You'd think one of her friends would take her aside and say, "You know ...."

And oh my God, I wonder if she has one of those thingies on her blog that lets her know the search terms people use to get there ... I would pay good money to see that. Then again, I'd probably have to bleach my eyes afterward.

I thought at first, "This HAS to be a joke - a FANTASTIC joke", but I swear she seems to be for reals.

rockygrace said...

Uh-oh .... I just realized that the search terms people would use to get to HER site are now leading them HERE ....

oh crap

Fish Food said...

What a hoot!

But she sounds just pain weird.

Bridgett said...

Great, now the words "meat sack for Jesus" are rolling around in my head.

A Skin Bag for Jesus! said...

Hey friend.... it is "friend", isn't it? Or maybe..... ???

I'm not too sure. I hope so.

I didn't mean to offend. And SURELY didn't mean to give the wrong impression. OR, provoke the wrong visual! Horrors! It was never my intention! My mind never went there. I now will question revising it.

But, for a moment, do you mind if I put my two cents in and explain my thinking?

Jesus talked about Him living in "flesh"... (human skin). In the Bible He calls us His vessels, or jars of clay. I suppose "skin bag" is a bit of a stretch. I was picturing the flesh, the human skin, thus came up with the name that I did.

Honestly, guys, I only want to be living as He wants me to be. I am a MESS without Him and miserable. Give me a break, huh. Get to know me. I'm not so bad. I'm human. Just skin... that a heart lives in!


rockygrace said...


Thanks for stopping by, ASBFJ! Sorry if any of the comments upset you.

A Skin Bag for Jesus! said...

Friends. :)


Honestly, you surely provoked LOTS of thinking on my end. I barely could sleep. But good things. Not bad. And mostly, HELPFUL things (I think!!!). It opened my eyes to a lot. And hopefully, will help me to see others more clearly.

I'm not too sure if I'll have time to elaborate on it this morning. But hope to blog about part of it before the day is done. I'll tell you this much now though, I'm going into a men's prison today in hopes to encourage them. I kept thinking two things while I tried to sleep:

One) I hope that they can see my past my skin. ((*smile*))

And two) I hope that I can see them past theirs!

Crazily, I feel you've helped prepare me. Helped me think some things I hadn't. And helped me to see others past their look in a zillion different ways.

Too much to tell. But... I've a lot to be grateful to you for. Who would have known, huh? :)

I hope you have a fabulous day!

A Skin Bag for Jesus! said...

Okay... so it may sound silly, because I really do have a very elementary way of learning. But, however simple, it works for me.

A few minutes ago I did finally post my crazy mode of what I was thinking about last night. All of my thoughts were spurred from what your post started and me telling you that I was just 'a skin that a heart lives in.' In the middle of the night I wondered if those I would be talking to today would be able to see me past my 'skin' (it's a men's prison, you know? any girl would surely at first promote an enormous distraction).

So... feeding off that line, my half-sleeping mind took it even further. You may absolutely hate it. So sorry if you do! But, I feel I owe you the credit... for it's because of you that my mind went where it did in the moment it did.

I have to tell you this too. I greatly admired you leaving a comment for me here this morning. I was afraid that you would delete your post. I was afraid that I might have offended you by leaving a comment to you. You proved an admirable character. I like that. I feel I've truly got a new friend.

Thanks much! And stay safe. Keep far away from your deer! ;-)