Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh man, I never learn

So, I was reading this other blog

Note to self: Shut UP! Shutuprightnow you are going to get in trouble again for the love of Pete SHUT UP

.... ANYhow, I was reading this other blog, where the poster is talking about the Blue Buffalo kibble she feeds her dog, and someone comments in


.... someone comments in about how THEY feed THEIR dog Natural Balance Potato and Duck hahahaha I am not even kidding here (I feed my cats Friskies, which I guess is probably like feeding them the sweepings off the slaughterhouse floor )

hahahahahaha Potato and Duck? Ducks? Really?!

oh I am in trouble now.

Duck?! bwahahahahahahaha .......


Heather said...

The only ducks my dogs have seen are the ones flying farther south.

We all eat generic in this house!

inflammatory writ said...

I feed my cat Venison and Green Pea food. :/ Don't judge! He has an inflammatory bowel disorder, and the food is made special for it. It's helped him a lot, actually! Cats and dogs do better on game meat and very little grain.

The extra $ I've spent on good food has saved me $ on vet bills.

rockygrace said...

inflammatory - are those free-range deer, or factory-raised?

Just curious as to where the venison come from. Same goes for the ducks.

And I wonder why they don't make mouse meat cat food - my cats sure eat enough of those.