Monday, February 22, 2010

In need of a little inspiration

A while back, I picked up a giant ceramic horse's-head chess piece at a thrift store. Because I don't already own enough crap, obv.

I thought I could make it into something different. Something cool. The first thing I did was give it some eyes, because it just looked creepy without them.

Yeah, my garage is a grungy place. Sorry.

I thought about making it into a zebra, but I've already got Mr. Z:

And I'm currently working on a tiger, so tiger is out. I thought about cow, but I'm afraid if I paint a bunch of cow-spots on it, it'll just look like a blotchy chess piece.

I wonder if I could make it into a T-Rex .......


Bridgett said...

Goat? Unicorn? Centaur?

rockygrace said...

Unicorn! That's it! I've even got some spare deer antlers laying around (don't ask) that I could use for the horn - any ideas on how to attach one? Maybe (find someone to) drill a hole in the top of the horse, and a hole in the base of the antler, and somehow screw them together?

Fish Food said...

I was voting for unicorn too, just didn't have time to comment!

Fabulous idea!

Heather said...

Neat idea Unicorn.

Love that Zebra, such a cool way to liven up a rocking horse.