Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Movie Review: Seven Pounds ......

..... of shit in a five-pound sack.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Has anybody else besides me tried to watch this turkey? Seven Pounds, starring Will Smith? Will Smith, who is trying SO HARD in this pic to win an Oscar and he is just EMOTING all over the place and there is dramatic CHAIR THROWING and JELLYFISH in his room* and a girl who needs a HEART TRANSPLANT and BLIND Woody Harrelson or whatever the hell that bartender from Cheers's name was and

oh boy is it bad.

Has anybody made it to the end yet? Because I hit about Minute 50 and told myself I only had to watch ten more minutes and then the movie would be halfway over and I could give it a rest and only have an hour left to watch on another night and those were the longest ten minutes of my LIFE which I will never get back by the way thankyouverymuch Will Smith and

okay. I'll stop now. I'll let you know if I ever manage to claw my way through that last hour.

*I'm not even making that up. *sigh*


Bridgett said...

Nope. And I even like Will Smith. I am SOOOOO going to Jaden Smith's remake of the Karate Kid, though. Jackie Chan is going to be the sensei. I know...I know. This means my brain is actually made of mush, but Chloe's been taking ballet in a karate studio (long story, owner of dojo rents the space to local dancers on the off days) and so I've been staring at karate videos for a couple of hours a week....

Woops. Total derail of the post. Sorry. Long day.

Domestic Kate said...

Yeah, I've watched the whole thing. I agree that the acting was more than a little over the top. I mean, how can one man hold such a painful look on his face for his entire waking life? However, he mentioned the Monterey aquarium, so it wasn't all bad :-)

rockygrace said...

Bridge, I do like Will Smith - he was just trying too hard in this one. Him and EVERYBODY ELSE in the damn movie.

and Kate, I finished it up last night, and OMG how about that bathtub scene? I thought he was gonna stroke out from all that SERIOUS ACTING. Review of the second hour to come.