Friday, August 31, 2012

Thanks for the suggestion

Now, if I ever get the damn car back (yes it's STILL at the garage), I'll be all set.

And in other news, I stumped those damn deer!

First, I tired mixing up some home-made deer repellent and spraying it on the plants. Which evidently was the equivalent of adding salad dressing, because it did not deter the deer.

They were all, like, "nom nom nom ..... mmmmMMMMMmmmmm ... what is that piquant little extra zing? It's deLIcious!" Dammit.

So I resorted to the less-picturesque but far more effective option:

Deer netting. From a few feet away, you can't even see it's there - you have to get right close up in order to see it. And it's keeping the flipping deer off of my hibiscus. Mission. Accomplished.


Birdie said...

My fiancé has spent four months growing a sunflower from a seed. He loved it and tended it carefully, sometimes watering it 3 times a day. It was getting so tall and a day or two from blooming and the damn deer came and trampled it and ate the to-be-bloom. Jerks.
My fiancé was just a little heartbroken.

rockygrace said...

I think it's time to napalm those deer, Birdie.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to do this for my hosta next year. Is it draped over the plants? Is it stapled to poles? More info please :-)

rockygrace said...

Hey Kris - I just kind of drape it over the plants. You have to lift it up once a week or so, as the plants will start to grow through it if you don't. It comes in a roll that's (approximately) six feet by two hundred feet, so you can just cut it into the lengths you want and then overlap the pieces depending on the size of the garden. And you really can't even see it unless you're right on top of it.

I bought a roll at Agway for $14.99, and I know that lots of other places sell it, too.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great - thanks!