Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Buttermilk Falls

Saturday, I snuck into Buttermilk Falls. I wasn't gonna pay seven bucks to see waterfalls with NO WATER IN THEM:

Happily, there WAS water further up the gorge:

You can see how the water has eroded the rocks over the centuries:

And Pinnacle Rock is always cool:

And then, as I was tooling around Ithaca, I spotted this:

Whaaaa? Let's take a closer look:

That is Ithaca, right there in a nutshell.


Birdie said...

When did it ever become "OK" to charge someone to see a waterfall, something that belongs to the earth and all of us. Good for you for getting in free. Beautiful pictures!

rockygrace said...

All of the State Parks around here (Buttermilk Falls included) charge seven bucks a car during the summer season. It hardly seems fair to charge solo me the same as an SUV with eight people in it, so while when I can afford it I pay, sometimes I ... sneak in. It's pretty easy, once you've got the lay of the surrounding land.