Friday, August 10, 2012

I think I might've gotten hosed

But then again, maybe not.

A few weekends ago, I went to the local flea market. I know, I KNOW! I talk all the time about how cheap I am, and then I go blow money at the flea market. Go figure. At least I'm not betting it on the ponies.

But! I picked up a cat carrier for four bucks, and I really needed one, seeing as how I just recently came to the realization that I now had three cats and only two carriers. Yeah, I'm a little slow on the uptake. In my defense(!), the whole three-cat thing IS taking a while to sink in.

And! I got three CDs for five bucks. One of which is Celebrity Skin by Hole, which I'm pretty sure I already have, except you know how you're standing there in front of the used-CD booth, and suddenly you can't remember which CDs y0u already own? Yeah, that happens to me, too. But I needed a third CD to round out the three-for-five deal, so I may now own twice as much Courtney Love as anybody ought to have. Sue me.

And, let's see, I've been on a seahorse yen lately, so I picked up a tacky little seahorse statue for a dollar, which I guess everybody came out even on, 'cause when I took it home and flipped it over, it had a Dollar Tree sticker on it. Vintage! ha.

And then, and then, there was this little statue of Mary, at the booth of the dude who sells the animal pelts, and I circled around it a couple of times and picked it up and it weighed, like, twenty pounds, so I'm thinking, "doorstop!", and the dude says that it's bronze (sure it is) and he's asking thirty bucks. I said, "oh, that's nice, it's a pretty little statue," and started to move on, and the dude's, like, "make an offer!" and this is why I'm terrible at flea markets, because I said, "Nah, I can't offer anywhere near that," and the dude's, all, "come on, MAKE AN OFFER! Go ahead!" So I blurted out, "ten bucks," and he said, "Gimme the money" and that's how I came home with a bronze (Like I am so sure) Mary doorstop.

I kind of thought I got hosed on the deal, but a quick ebay search shows similar items going for anywhere between thirty and seventy bucks, so maybe not so much. Then again, that's what they're being OFFERED FOR on ebay, I have no idea if anybody's actually SELLING any at those prices, so who knows.

Such is the flea market. *sigh* I love that place.


Zella said...

Celebrity Skin !!
** goes rummaging through cds and finds it >> oh the memories **

rockygrace said...

Courtney Love is batshit crazy, but that CD stands the test of time.