Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stuff I bought on Ebay this week

Lizard ring $5.51 Bracelet $2.46 Bracelet $1.29

Antler ring $1.00 Flower ring $1.04 Seahorse necklace $1.29

Bow tie ring $.99

And all those prices INCLUDE shipping!

Yes, I'm aware that these are coming straight outta China. And yes, I should feel bad about that. All I can say is, if I want to buy overpriced crap from resellers, I can always go to Etsy. And this stuff is cheaper than the thrift store!


~~Silk said...

It's been my experience that the smaller less expensive stuff from sellers in China is not misrepresented. You get exactly what the picture and description says. Shipping time can be a bit long, though, but sometimes surprisingly fast. Check out the pearl jewelry. It's pretty, and quite reasonable.

Stay away from "art" and "antiques" from China, though. Bad stuff (except for furniture).

rockygrace said...

Good advice, ~~Silk. I don't think I've ever bought anything that cost more than twenty bucks on Ebay.

the queen said...

When I have bought from China I find I am given a form by the postal carrier, and I have to pick up the Chinese packages AT the post office. I'm surious if that happens to you.

rockygrace said...

queen, I've ordered crap ... er, STUFF ... from China before, and nope, it just shows up in the mailbox.

Although my boss did have a package come from China the other day, and I had to sign for it with the mailman who delivers to the office. I hope it wasn't, like, anthrax or something, because it's my name on that receipt. :)