Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh Danny Boy, the Doughnuts, the Doughnuts are calling ...

I had a doughnut Saturday morning. It was a Boston Creme, from Dunkin Donuts, and I ate it in the car on my way up to Ithaca. And that creme stuff that they fill them with, well ... it's sure not anything found in nature, and it's probably a hundred percent chemicals, but that doughnut sure tasted good. With the chocolate glaze on top ...

And now, all I can think about is doughnuts.

I had to run up to the grocery store and pick up a few things on my lunch break, and I actually stood in front of the doughnut case, staring, like a little kid in front of a toy store.

I didn't buy a doughnut. Oh, I thought about it. Hell, I thought about buying a DOZEN doughnuts. "For the office!" Yeah, right.

I mean, I could buy some doughnuts. It's not like it would break some cosmic rule if I ate a doughnut. After all, I had one on Saturday. But you know what? I'll bet you I could eat six doughnuts right now. One jelly-filled, one glazed, one creme-filled ... OH YUM. I'll bet I could give twelve doughnuts a run for their money right now. And again, so what? I could eat ten thousand calories worth of doughnuts RIGHT NOW and it wouldn't make a flip's worth of difference in the grand scheme of things.

It's just ... they're just empty food. Not much nutritional value. Pure sugar, practically. Sugar and fat and OH MY GOD THEY TASTE SO GOOD.

Hi. My name is RockyCat and I'm a doughnutaholic.


Birdie said...

I have been reading a lot lately on eating and I have learned that it is OK to go and eat whatever it is you really, really want sometimes. I say go out and buy yourself one doughnut and ENJOY it.

rockygrace said...

Ha, Birdie, the problem is, I don't want *one* doughnut. I want ALL THE DOUGHNUTS.

I would have made a great drug addict. Or, you know, a terrible one.

the queen said...

What you need is to do what I did today at 5. I walked past two boxes of withered glazed doughnuts from last Wednesday.

rockygrace said...

Shit, queen, today? I would have soaked those suckers in coffee and chowed down.

I have no pride. *sob* :)