Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Three Days? THREE DAYS?!

It's going to take the garage THREE DAYS to get in the parts to fix my car?!

Goddam m*therf*cking c*cks*cking KIA. *kicks tires violently*

At least - at least! - I can keep the loaner. But taking a look at the calendar, three days means that the parts will get to the local dealership on Friday. What TIME on Friday, I do not know. And then the garage has to get the parts from the dealership, and INSTALL the parts, which ... it may not get done on Friday, especially considering it's the Friday of a holiday weekend. And - AND! - there is a big adoption event this weekend, and I was supposed to haul all kinds of crap to the venue Friday and Saturday using my roomy Kia, which currently sits at the garage, waiting for parts.


I know I need to calm down. It's just ... I can handle the car breaking down. I can handle paying a three-hundred-and-fifty dollar repair bill. *gulp* But to have to wait THREE DAYS for the flipping PARTS?

That shit ain't right.

And yes, I looked into it. Kia is as much of a dick about parts as Saturn was - you can't just run down to Advanced Auto and pick up some generic aftermarket stuff. You've gotta order the stuff FROM KIA, and of course, there is no Kia warehouse anywhere near here, so they've gotta ship it to the flippin' DEALER, and then the mechanic has to go pick it up from the goddam dealership, and

... stopping now.

The world will not end because my car is in the shop. All will be well, and I need to count my blessings and shut up.



rockygrace said...

... and oh my God you guys I just noticed that there's no registration sticker on the loaner ... oh great, now I'm going to jail ...

Becs said...

Give yourself a rest, girl. You've had some tough financial breaks this summer. Did you know that someone else can probably take the stuff to the adoption day? Did you know that you can miss it an not one cat less will be adopted? It's true.

Oh, Rocky, you're not carrying the world on your shoulders, just way more than you need to.

Is this how your best friend would treat you?

rockygrace said...

Aw, Becs, it's just fun to bitch, that's all. A little griping between friends. Thanks for your concern - it means a lot to me.

My new motto is, "It's only money." Which, of course, is much easier to say when you've got it in the bank. And I do, and I'm grateful.

Logical Libby said...

Hey, at least your accelerator didn't stick, making you lead cops on a high speed chase...

rockygrace said...

Why, Libby, is that something that happened to you? :)

fmcgmccllc said...

It is volume and dollars. There are not enough Kia or Saturn vehicles sold to make parts storage profitable. Aftermarket only does high volume sales. When Ford instituted 1 day part shipments they almost killed my company. We shipped in volume and Ford Parts and Service repacked into singles. Every time the wrong part arrived the next day at the dealer it was a fight, who messed it up, us or them.

rockygrace said...

fmcetc., well, that explains it. God knows that profit trumps customer service.