Friday, August 10, 2012

Yet another sign of old age

David Rakoff died yesterday.

Every time I read the obit of someone who was younger than me, and who obviously accomplished a lot more with their life than I have managed to do with mine to date, it gives me pause.

Like, "Jeezus Christ, what the hell I am DOING with my life?"


Obviously I'm never gonna be Mother Teresa, and the odds of me finding a cure for cancer are not real good, but I would hate for my obit to read, " She ... drank a lot of beer. And she read lots of books! And she tried not to be overtly MEAN to anybody ..."

That's one of the reasons I started volunteering. To beef up my obit. Kind of like padding the old resume. And let's face it, I've got some work to do, because I spent most of my twenties and thirties and, hell, half of my forties pretty self-absorbed.

Time to get a move on!


Becs said...

"And she saved a lot of kittens and cats from going to a horrible death, getting them into wonderful homes. She entertained her blog readers with her antics at the flea market and astonished them by buying used shoes. Her ankles (displaying said shoes on said blog) were the envy of many. Not only that but she was a darned nice human being who offered a complete stranger a shoulder to cry on."

Better than mine which will read "Becs....uh...Dylan, other else"

rockygrace said...

Oh, come on Becs, I'm blushing.

And you've saved far more cats than I have, by adopting them. And I know you help people in trouble. And you speak openly about your struggles, which helps those of us who are struggling too.

Let's start a mutual admiration society! :)