Monday, August 13, 2012

Ah, TLC ...

...Restoring Destroying my faith in humanity, one show at a time.

Lately they've been upping the ante. There was "Little Rabbit Foo-Foo", or whatever the hell it's called, about a Southern family so language-impaired they had to close-caption it.

Tonight we have "United Bates of America", which appears to be a clone of The Duggars. Now I will be the first to admit, I do love The Duggars, because they're a fascinating mix of sweet, wholesome and batshit insane. I'm afraid that the Bates will just be a pale imitation.

And! Following the Bates tonight, we have "Big Tiny", or whatever the hell IT'S called, about some dwarves little people. I'm pretty sure I fulfilled my little people viewing quota by watching countless reruns of Little People, Big World, which I finally soured on when Matt turned into pretty much a dick.

Good ol' TLC. Single-handedly providing me with all the abysmal crap TV I could ever want to watch.


~~Silk said...

The ultimate insult -- didn't TLC start out meaning The Learning Channel?

~~Silk said...

I read a joke today about Honey Boo Boo. Jeff Foxworthy voice: "You know you are a redneck when you need closed captioning, and you're speaking... english."

rockygrace said...

I wonder how much they're getting paid ... shit, they're smarter than I am! They've figured out a way to turn dumb into money.