Friday, June 24, 2011

This week in the garden

So! Nobody wants to talk about pimp cups, eh? FINE. Have some flowers.

Here are some tiger lilies, which came from my sister Alabama's old campsite up at the lake:

Those tiger lilies are spreading like crazy, which I love. I moved some to the side yard this year to see how they do there.

Jupiter's Beard, which I bought because of the name:

Did Jupiter have a red beard? I have no idea.

This honeysuckle is growing next to the shed out back:

Honeysuckle smells so good. I had a giant honeysuckle at the old place, but a couple of years before I moved it developed some kind of blight. It would still leaf out, but the flower buds would turn black and wither up before they blossomed. I took some small shoots off of a part of the bush that didn't seem to be affected and started them in another part of the yard. They came with me when I moved, and now that plant's a good five feet high! Now if I could just get the trumpet vine to bloom ... *sigh*

White delphinium:

and daisies:

Blooming soon: Stargazer lilies. Oh, and a local garden center's having their big end-of-season, half-off-everything sale this weekend, so who knows what I'll end up with. (It's just ALL KINDS of excitement around here.) Maybe a bee balm to replace the one that didn't make it through the winter. Maybe some daylilies to plant by the ditch. I'll let you know what I pick up ...

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Badass Nature Girl said...

Durn! You reminded me that I forgot to snatch some honeysuckle by the road side coming to and from the library!!!! The new neighbors behind us did indeed clear out the one that I was using for the soap :o( Since the cherry tree didn't survive the transplant we were going to try the honeysuckle instead. Adding to my to-do list.