Monday, June 27, 2011

As a matter of fact, I AM the grammar police.

Jesus Christ.


Fish Food said...

I like it!

I am a member of the Grammar Police of Scotland and am appalled at the amount of spelling and punctuation mistakes there are out there, especially from so-called 'professional' organisations and/or people!

We have a sign nearby which says "Dogs Trust". Every single time I drive past it, it annoys me and I shout, "Dogs Trust? Whom do they trust?", knowing full well that they mean "Dogs' Trust".

Harrumph. Rant over.

rockygrace said...

It sounds like the beginning of an ad slogan, doesn't it? "Dogs trust the long-lasting action of the Killzfleez Collar!"

Oh, and I kid you not, a client just called the office and wanted to know if her report had been "wrotten" up yet.


MOV said...

Love it. Maybe at least Walmart (unlike this church) can do contractions correctly?!?


rockygrace said...

Thanks for stopping by, MOV!