Tuesday, June 28, 2011

They think they're hurting me ...

... and I just think it's funny.

First off, it helps to think of my family as being like middle school all over again. There is a bully (my sister TIB), and people who try to stay on her good side so they don't get bullied (my sister Alabama, my brother A.) There are people who just try to stay out of the bully's range (my sister Ditzy), and then there is the target of the bully, i.e., ME.

Except I don't play along. I ignore the bully when she picks on me. I call her out on her bullshit, which infuriates her. I refuse to be intimidated. Oh, I am polite enough to her at family gatherings. I give her nothing to feed her rage, nor do I back down when she starts with her crap. I agree with her when necessary to keep the peace, and then do just exactly what I was planning to do in the first place, anyway.

What none of them know is, I've got a mole on the other side. An informant, so to speak. And this little birdie told me that there's a big party being planned up at the family cottage this weekend. Relatives are flying in from all over the country to attend.

And I have not been invited.

Thank GOD.

Because who wants to spend the weekend in a snakepit? Surrounded by people who smile and chit-chat with you, and then cut you dead as soon as you leave the room?


They'll spend the weekend congratulating themselves about cutting me out. About "hurting" me. Just like middle school, when ONE KID was excluded from the birthday party of the popular kid, and all the other kids laughed about it.

Except I'm the kid being excluded, and I just think it's funny how grown adults can still act like they're ten.

I may spend a few minutes this weekend wondering how people I actually used to care about, people to whom I am related, turned into a nest of assholes, but mostly?

I'll be working in the garden, and going for walks, and hopefully getting some damn SUN already if it'll stop raining for ten minutes, and just enjoying myself. And probably calling my sister Texas, the one family member who is still my friend, so that the two of us can laugh about how silly this all is. Because the two of us graduated from middle school a long, long time ago, even if the rest of the family didn't.

And I will be very, very thankful that I'm not up at the lake this weekend.


Badass Nature Girl said...

Good for you! Wish I could be on your list for this weekend! it's supposed to be sunny and hot here....but I am hoping for a bit of rain so nobody in the neighborhood sets my house on fire with wayward fireworks. If it makes any difference, I'll be alone here, with the kids. No where to go, nothing to do, and hubby is working. It's worth it for the peace of mind and the state of my soul though.

MOV said...

I'm sorry about your junior high snake pit. :( I have family drama, and then (as a bonus) I also have in-law family drama! Yay, me--times two!

Lucky for me, my boss at the high-end kitchen store is fabulous, so I just call and ask her if I can pick up an extra Saturday shift when there "happens" to be a big get-together with my husband's family. They (his family) think I am such a dedicated worker, when the truth is I prefer to not be around them. Big sigh.

You are not alone.


Rob said...

Good for you kid ...

rockygrace said...

yay! More people on MY side! You guys come on over, and we'll have a gang war just like on West Side Story!

Or, you know, not. Come on over anyway. We'll have some drinks.

Oh, and MOV, I, too, have used the "work" excuse. Because the old tried-and-true "death in the family" excuse doesn't work so well when it's your family you're trying to get away FROM.