Thursday, June 02, 2011

Here! Have some pretty flowers!

Okay, okay, so nobody wants to talk about gross shit. Sheesh. I GOT IT, okay? Let's see what's going on in my garden.

Here is an overhead shot of some Siberian iris(es). I bought one little clump of these from a roadside stand a couple of years ago, and they're going nuts:

Here is a regular iris-iris:

One of the peony bushes is blooming right now, and it's specTACular:

Here is a ladyslipper:

Weird, no? That was NOT taken in my garden. Ladyslippers are very, very particular about where they deign to grow. In all of the places I walk, covering hundreds of acres, I know of only three places where ladyslippers grow. And they are only in bloom for a short period in the spring; then they're gone again until the next year.

I've got all KINDS of stuff coming up right now that I put in last summer, so it'll be interesting to see what blooms. About the only thing that unequivocally did not make it through the winter was the Canterbury Bells. I'm going to be separating the tiger lilies and moving some to the side lawn down by the ditch; we'll see how that goes. Oh! And the hibiscus are coming up! I've never managed to grow hibiscus (hibiscuses? hibisci?) before, so this is gonna be fun!

Of course, some things have already bloomed and faded: The lilacs, the bleeding hearts, the bluebells and the lilies-of-the-valley have already had their day.

What's blooming around your place?


Badass Nature Girl said...

Not the honeysuckle, that's for sure...the new neighbors behind us tore it out :o(

BUT there's tons along the road on the route we take from the library to the school, so we're going to nab some that way.

very pretty flowers!!!! My marigolds are doing well, I just hold my breath when I dead-head them and hurry up and wash my hands. My pansies and impatiens didn't do well with all of the rain (the blooms that is, the plants themselves are okay).

The cherry tree died in the transplanting, there was only one branch that had a bew blossoms on it, so hubby dug that up yesterday....and what else?.....

The lavender plant is getting ready to flower, but it's still very small yet,......some other plants that I have next to it are doing GREAT, but not flowering yet. Probably not time yet and I can never remember what they're called......

Pickles and Dimes said...

Pretty! Love the ladyslippers and peonies.

Nothing's really blooming right now in MN besides the lilacs.

In the next week or so the daylilies should start popping up, as well as my peonies.

I also cut a rosebush down to nothing because I thought it was dead (actually most of it was), but now it's getting some leaves and possible blossoms, so that's good.

And both of my Asiatic lilies, one of which Shorty peed on all last fall so I was sure it was dead, are coming up (although the peed-on one is severely, um, diminished).

Oh! And the weeds! They are flourishing.

rockygrace said...

Sounds like stuff is coming up all over!

I actually left some weeds in my flower beds - hawkweed, and purple vetch, and buttercups. Hey, if it's pretty, it can stay!

Fish Food said...

All beautiful as usual!