Thursday, June 02, 2011

It's like goddam 'Nam around here

Okay, so here we go with another gross post. Turn away if you're squeamish. This will be the last one (for this week, anyway), I promise.

So! Yesterday was the tale of the toe.

And then last night I get home to discover that Little Girl had killed and eviscerated a mouse in the garage. A large mouse. A large, pregnant mouse.


Jesus. It was like high school biology class all over again.

And I feel really, really sorry for all the things she kills. It's awful. But then I got thinking, you know what? If you are a snake, or a bird, or a mouse, and a well-fed house cat WITH A HEART CONDITION can catch and kill you, your odds of making it in the wild are ZERO. Zip. Nada. You might as well give it up for the cat, because something else is gonna come along thirty seconds later and get you anyway.

Oh! And in other news, I unloaded my old piece-of-shit, won't-start lawnmower on a co-worker. I think he looks at it as a challenge. Good luck with that, E! And remember, no give-backs.


Anonymous said...

I'm always up for talking about gross shit! My cat puked up a little bit of a turkey I gave her. Where? On a pile of my students' papers! I could give them A's, but why do that when I can give them the gift of cat puke?

Logical Libby said...

My fat, so lazy that he eats lying down cat catches mice. I am beginning to think mice are losing it.

rockygrace said...

Kate, just tell 'em the stain is coffee.

And Libby, you've got a cat that eats lying down? That sounds AWESOME! It's like taking sloth to the nth degree.