Thursday, June 09, 2011

This week in the garden

The light pink peony is going crazy:

As always, you can click on the pics to embiggen.

This is one of those little roses like the ones they sell in the grocery store:

My mom bought it for me many years ago. I planted it at the base of the stairs at the old place, and brought it with me when I moved. It's still tiny - the blossoms are about the size of a quarter - but it blooms every year. Tough little bugger.

The columbine is still hanging in:

And the lupine is starting to blossom:

This is dianthus:

They sell it as an annual here, but I've found it'll come back every year if you put it in the right spot, i.e., ANY spot.

And here's the foxglove that I stole rescued from the park last year:

What a showoff!

We're supposed to have one more day of heat, and then it's going to cool down, which is good, because the neighbors took advantage of the free mulch the town gives away at the highway garage and mulched their vegetable garden yesterday. PEEE-YOU! There's a reason that mulch is free. I don't know WHAT the town puts in it, but I suspect it may be medical waste or leftovers from the sewage treatment plant or something, because MY GOD that stuff stinks. And not in a good, mulch-y way, either, but in an acrid, lung-burning way. And my neighbors put a pickup-truck load of it on their garden, right in the baking sun. You can practically SEE the wavy stink-lines rising up off of it.

Me and Little Girl will be walking around with clothespins on our noses if that crap doesn't stop smelling, soon. Jeezus. Pee-you. Blech.


~~Silk said...

Was all the pink planned? Very pretty. I envy you the beauty, but not the weeding.

Re the mulch, I know exactly what you mean. See

rockygrace said...

You know, it does seem to be all pinks. Pinks and purples. I didn't plan it - it just kind of happened, I guess. And once the tiger lilies start blooming, it'll be orange-mania.

As far as weeding ... well, not so much. I'll have to take a wide shot so you can see how messy everything is.

And the mulch - yeah, it does kind of smell insecticide-ish. Times, like, a billion. Yuck.

Fish Food said...

They're all gorgeous!

Our lupins are out, irises, aquilegia and other stuff I haven't identified - also all pink and purples. We've got one day lily which is yellow. Don't know where the heck that came from, but it's lovely.

rockygrace said...

Ha, Fish, I had to look up "aquilegia" - I didn't know it was columbine!

I'm glad your garden's doing well!