Friday, June 03, 2011

The Legend of Cow Kitty

See that cat? The one right in the middle of the photo? That is the elusive Cow Kitty. The object of Little Girl's affections.

He lives somewhere in the neighborhood, I'm not sure where, and cuts through my yard to get into the back brush and hunt. Him and every other cat in the neighborhood.

The other morning, early, I heard cat hijinks of the yowling variety going on in the backyard. I got up, and went into the backyard, where I saw ...

... TWO cow kitties! One was white and gray, and one was white and black. They trotted off into the brush when they saw me coming. Holy crap! I thought. There's TWO of them!

Still half asleep, I turned around and went into the garage, and there, on top of the washer, was A THIRD COW KITTY! Who promptly scampered out to join his compatriots.

Now, I'd thought for a while that there may be two cow kitties, one gray and one black. But this third cow kitty was a complete surprise. Who knows? Maybe there's more! I'm pretty sure they're littermates, because they look so much alike. I'm also pretty sure that they belong to someone in the neighborhood, because that's where I see them coming from, and they're not ratty looking or skinny like strays are. And while at least one of them has figured out the pet door and is sometimes spotted INSIDE MY HOUSE, Little Girl's food is not being eaten (other than by her), so obviously, they're not hungry.

Whew! Three cow kitties! I'm outnumbered, here.

And it looks like Little Girl will not be lacking for friends this summer.


Badass Nature Girl said...

GASP! That one looks just like some of the ferals we have around here. Even though ours are ferals, they are very clean looking and seem to be well fed too.

Domestic Kate said...

He kinda looks like he could be on that "cats that look like Hitler" website.

rockygrace said...

Ha, Kate, before I started calling him "Cow Kitty" I was calling him "Hitler". Poor cat.