Friday, June 24, 2011

Pants on the ground, Part 2

Okay! So, the most plausible idea for how the pants stayed up came from Downtown Guy, who thought they hooked the pants to the underwear. Which got me thinking about little mini suspenders, which cracked me up, and then I was all, hey, waaaaaaiiit a minute, I could INVENT little mini suspenders, for hooking your pants to your underwear, and make a fortune!

Another million-dollar idea!

But FIRST, I thought I'd check to see if somebody had already invented little baby suspenders. And, well, in the market I'd be going for, they'd probably be all blinged out, right?

So I googled "bling suspenders".*

Awwwww. So cute. But not MINI, so my dream is still alive.

So then, I'm at this web site, right? Where they sell all things bling. And I notice that they sell grills. Except, they spell it "grillz", of course. Keepin' it real and all that. Ha! Do you like my "black talk"? Dear black people: Please don't come and kill me for saying that. I'm just a middle-aged white lady. With a cat. Honest. Here! Have a grill:

You, too, can embody the thug life, for the low low price of $19.99!

And then I see a sidebar for "pimp cups".


What, I wondered, is a "pimp cup"? For some reason, all that came to mind was "jockstrap".

So! I clicked on the link, because I do this shit so you don't have to, and here is a pimp cup:

I'm pretty sure I want one.

It's going on my Amazon wish list, right now.

Right after I invent mini suspenders for clipping your pants to your underwear. It's GENIUS, I tell you! I'm gonna be rich!

Pass my pimp cup, please.

*My boss loves it when I waste time like this. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get a raise any day now.

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