Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Maybe he's getting instructions from Ceiling Cat?

Okay, I am going to try to post this without manually inserting all the paragraph breaks in Html. If it comes up and then goes right back down, that means Blogger is still being an asshole. Here goes nothin'.

(updated) Ha! THAT went over like a lead balloon. Dear Blogger: I hate you.

A few months ago I mentioned The Runt's habit of staring upward at nothing.

Yeah, he's still doing it. In the above pic, he's staring up at a corner of the window. There are no lights in the backyard, so it's not like he's watching something outside. Here, he's staring at closed curtains:

And it's not just by the windows that he does it, either. He'll hang out on the couch in the living room or on the bed in my bedroom and just look at the ceiling, like there's a TV up there.

You know, I'm starting to wonder. His ears have been mucked up since he was a kitten. I wonder if he's got some kind of inner-ear imbalance that's relieved when he tilts his head up?

The cats have an appointment at the vet's tomorrow night- The Runt for his cloggy ears and allergies, and Little Girl for a condition that I call "scootch-butt". No, she doesn't have worms - that's been tested. Actually, I would PREFER worms to the condition she evidently has, which I am not going to discuss here because I am a delicate little flower. And so is Little Girl.

ANYhow, I'll have to ask the vet about The Runt's upward stare. Any ideas? 'Cause I'm stumped.


Anonymous said...

ooh--just took my cat in last week for the scooting. turns it was an impacted anal gland--gross! sure glad we don't have those. Also have to put him on the dreaded diet...

Zella said...

I have nothing for ya. That's just would understand it if he'd do it once in a blue moon, but it seems like he's at it all the time ? Hopefully the vet will have suggestions....but yeah, maybe he's just talking to his ancestors or them lol cats :)

rockygrace said...

Anonymous, thank you SO MUCH for typing those words, so I didn't have to ... although now I'm curious as to what the "dreaded diet" might be. The vet tech I talked to seemed to think I could just bring her in and they could, like ... perform some kind of procedure? GAH. Guh-ROSS.

and Zella, I like the talking-to-ancestors idea. Maybe he's hearing voices?

the queen said...

"Can I jump up there? Would I make it? Or would I fall? What thrust setting should I use? What's the trajectory?"

rockygrace said...

Ha, queen, I like that idea!

You know, as a kitten he had a bad habit of getting stuck waaaaay up in trees - maybe he's daydreaming about his youth?