Saturday, April 02, 2011

Finder's fee

So! Here I am at the office, on a sunny Saturday afternoon, getting paid time-and-a-half to blog.


Seriously, I've been here two and a half hours now, and I have not done jack shit other than find a file that everyone (my boss and I) in the FREE WORLD (the office) had been looking for. Ha! I work with the most disorganized people ever, so files go missing all the time. And no, I am not going to take over other people's file systems, because I AM NOT THEIR MOTHER. (sore spot)

So! When I managed to find this particular file, which was filed CROSSWISE between two other stacks of files (WTF), it was a bright spot in my stuck-in-the-office Saturday.

What are you doing today? I hope it doesn't involved files in any way, shape, or form, unless you're, like, getting a manicure or something.


Badass Nature Girl said...

I have blogged, done dishes, a load of laundry, walked to the post office, drove to the library, have done some computer work, cooked a big breakfast for the family and am now getting ready to tear out half of the crochet project that I did last night and am hoping to bead later. Almost all for free and done in my pj's :oD

rockygrace said...

Whoa, you're working WAY harder than I am today.

Right now I'm putting photo captions on an inspection report. Thrilling!

Badass Nature Girl said...

But you're working SMARTER than I am--you're getting paid! :oP

rockygrace said...

Smarter? Do you see where I wrote "involved files", instead of "involve files"? I just discovered that, three days later.

I really gotta start proofing this stuff.