Friday, April 01, 2011

That ain't right

Okay, first of all, be sure to scroll down to today's earlier post, where we're chatting about all KINDS of stuff.

Now! I was reading the obituaries this morning, and you know how sometimes there's a photo of the deceased, along with the obit? And sometimes the picture was OBVIOUSLY taken, like, fifty years ago, which is kind of odd, but even WORSE are the more recent pics, with, like, Grandma on her deathbed with oxygen tubes in her nose. People! Nobody wants to see that while they're eating their morning cereal! Come on!

What? Why yes, yes, I DO read the obits while eating breakfast! What of it?

Okay, but the worst pics, in my mind, are the ones where the deceased's head was OBVIOUSLY cropped out of some larger shot. Come on, NOBODY bothered to take a picture of this dude by himself for the last twenty years? Oh, and just recently, there was an obit where they didn't even bother to crop the shot: It was a photo of two women, and you got to GUESS which one had croaked.

So! Let's skip to today, shall we, where I spotted this brand-y new twist on the obit pic:

Click here.




OMFG. In case that link goes kerflooey at some point, it's an obituary where, instead of a photo of the deceased, there's a line drawing of a unicorn's head.


Now I've got to figure out what I want to have in place of a pic of me in MY obit. Hmmmm ... maybe I'll use my blog avatar? The one to the left of this post?

Holy shit this is FANTASTIC.


rockygrace said...

Dudes, I just thought of something ... what if it's an April Fool's joke?

I mean, I'm assuming the paper itself wouldn't pull something like that*, but maybe the deceased? Or her survivors?

*Not unless they got bought out by The Onion, anyway.

Badass Nature Girl said...

ROFL (snort)

LMFAO (slapping the table and gasping)

and to make matters worse, I was scrolling all up and down that page and was like "there's no obit with a picture here" and then it hits me! Too freakin' funny!

rockygrace said...

BNG, let me know if you find those photos. *dodgeball*